Frequently Asked Questions

Besides an FTMO Account, do you provide any other value for traders?

Sure we do! At FTMO, most of us are traders too and we know the needs of our clients based on our own experiences. We constantly develop new features, tools, applications, and educational content for our clients. Following are some of the highlights that make us proud of what we do:

  • Statistical Application – The Statistical Application will show you meaningful and number-based probabilities of market behaviour that you can use to your advantage.
  • Mentor Application – The Mentor Application is a unique application that helps you to achieve better results through strengthening your discipline.
  • Trading Journal – Archiving trading results usually is not one of the favourite activities of most traders, but it is a piece of cake with our Trading Journal.
  • Account MetriX – The Account MetriX is an innovative and unique web application where you can monitor your progress towards becoming the FTMO Trader.
  • Account Analysis – A comprehensive assessment of your trading period that includes a wide selection of data and statistics.
  • Trader’s Analysis – All your trading history including all Free trials, FTMO Challenges, Verifications, and FTMO Accounts is summarized in a comprehensive analytical tool to unlock deep trading data collected since the beginning of your FTMO trading career.
  • Trading calculators – Before executing a trade, every serious trader should know how much capital he/she will need to open the position and how much will he/she can lose if the trade fails. Our Margin Calculator and Pip Calculator will help you determine these important values for our demo accounts without any complicated calculations.
  • FTMO Academy – In order to become a serious trader, it is essential to have basic and advanced profound trading knowledge. That is why we have developed the Trading Academy, which will help you in your trading journey. 
  • Quick Trade Manager – The primary objective of this application is to simplify entering new orders, with a specific focus on assisting you in swiftly and effortlessly calculating their position size in MT4 and MT5.
  • Performance Coach – Often neglected, yet an extremely crucial aspect of trading, is psychology. We offer support here as well.
  • Equity Simulator – Improve your risk management and calculate your probabilities and chances based on your current trading performance. Available in your Account MetriX.