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Welcome to FTMO's Premium Programme, where elite traders gain access to exceptional benefits and rewards. The programme has two main levels that you can achieve, with the possibility of even reaching the third level.

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Level 1: Prime Status

Prime Status is the very first level of the Premium Programme, where you can enjoy a wide range of benefits. In order to become the Prime Trader, you must meet the following criteria:

Eligibility: You must have an active FTMO Account of any size. Aggressive accounts are not eligible, and won't be displayed in the account selection menu on the progress page. If you decide to merge multiple FTMO Accounts, the payout counter is reset.

Clean Record: You should have no failed FTMO Account within the last 4 months from the date you applied to become a Prime Trader. This requirement is reviewed on a per-account basis.

Profitability: Achieve 4 payouts on a single order, with a minimum profitability of 4% (from the initial balance) per payout before the split (these payouts don't have to be consecutive).

Prime status Benefits:

One Free FTMO Challenge of the same size as the qualified FTMO Account
A dedicated customer support agent to assist Prime Traders
90% payout ratio
Special certificate for your achievement
Maximum Capital Allocation increased to $600K 
Access to the unique $400K FTMO Challenge product
No time limits on this condition as long as your Prime Status is active
5% bonus on the rollover amount added to the subsequent FTMO Account
Exclusive discounts: 10% off all new purchases of FTMO Challenges and 15% off at the FTMO e-shop during the Premium Programme

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Level 2: Supreme Status

You may be eligible to receive the Supreme Status if you fulfil the following criteria:

Eligibility: You must have an active $400K FTMO Account (Merged from two $200K FTMO Accounts or a single $400K FTMO Account)

Profitability: Active participation with the Prime Status for 3 months with at least 3 payouts and 4% profitability per payout.

Supreme status Benefits:

All Prime benefits
Immediate payout
$1M Max. Capital Allocation
No Maximum Daily Loss
Physical badge of achievement
Opportunity to move to Quantlane (subject to passing their assessment)
Exclusive merch

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If you meet the requirements and are eager to explore even greater heights, Quantlane awaits you:

Quantlane - Traditional
Proprietary Trading Firm

The ultimate climax of the Premium Programme shall be our acquired traditional proprietary trading company - Quantlane.

Quantlane was founded in 2014 and since this year operates under the wings of the FTMO Group. The company is filled with mathematicians, engineers, quants, developers, and trading enthusiasts who build multiple trading strategies in order to tackle the challenges in the financial markets. Once you qualify for the Supreme status, you will have the opportunity to be assessed for a job position at this traditional proprietary trading firm to bring your trading career among the professionals in the highest levels of the industry.

If the outcome of the assessment is positive, you may expect the following benefits of this programme:

2-year contract with a fixed salary
Competitive trading bonus scheme
Part of the team
Custom platform & tooling
Performance & mindset coach
Trading station in Prague and a relocation package
Institutional trading conditions - spreads, liquidity, risk framework

For more information about Quantlane, access the following page.

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