Never give up!

It’s our great pleasure to introduce to you Tomas F. – our latest funded FTMO trader. Tomas trades for quite some time already and it took him a while to come up with a trading system that fully suits him. In the below article, you’ll find some strategy hints and a basic risk management idea. […]

Interview with Otto Schlechter, Trader and Mentor from Germany

In February, we made a trip to Germany and visited our partner Otto Schlechter. Otto is a professional Trader and Mentor that focuses primarily on DAX. We have prepared a short interview for you. Jaroslav – FTMO: Hello, my name is Jaroslav and I’m from the FTMO company. Today we went to Germany to the city […]

How to set MetaTrader 4 alerts

Many traders face problems with not being available at the trading platform all the time, hence missing some good trading opportunities. This situation can be prevented by the proper use of platform alerts and their good settings. You can even set up a pairing of these notifications on your mobile phone through the use of […]

Video: Interview with mentor and pro trader from Germany.

Last week, we made a trip to Germany to visit our partner and trader, Otto Schlechter. Otto is the professional trader and mentor, who specializes in trading the DAX and he shares his trading methods with his students. Take a look at the short interview. (The video is in German language).