How to eliminate the factor of luck in trading?

There is a certain degree of randomness in the financial markets. Not only because of the unexpected global events that can cause price spikes but also we as retail traders are usually the last ones who get the information. Although we like to think the market moved because of our great technical strategy which is, […]

New FTMO Traders joining us this December

The last month of the year is here and we would like to welcome our new FTMO Traders that are joining our ranks. As always, we asked them a few questions about their evaluation process and what tips & tricks they can share to inspire others.  Trader Evans – “I had to remind myself that […]

Four mistakes traders make when placing a stop-loss (Avoid these at all cost!)

Have you ever placed a trade with a stop-loss, just to watch the market taking you out and continuing straight to your desired direction? This is a common situation traders find themselves in when placing their stop-loss. In this article, we break down some common mistakes and also share some valuable advice on how to […]

FTMO Traders talk about their evaluation process

Enjoy another dose of interviews with our new FTMO Traders. They share their trading journey and valuable tips that helped them during their FTMO evaluation process. Trader Escobar – “I failed before I started becoming a very successful trader.” Where have you learnt about FTMO? I learned about FTMO through the trading community Do you […]


FTMO has been awarded the winner as the fastest-growing tech company in the category “Rising Stars” 2020 by the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe. Last year we said: “The goal is clear – to be the best remote Proprietary Trading Firm in the world”. Nothing changes for this year either.   We thank you […]

Tips for completing the FTMO Challenge & how to avoid mistakes

Sometimes traders tend to make unnecessary mistakes during the FTMO Challenge that are easy to avoid. Minimizing mistakes during the FTMO Challenge will definitely increase your chances of success and can generally benefit your trading. Achieving short-term profit is one thing, but at FTMO it is important to be disciplined in long-term and to follow […]

Another batch of FTMO Traders joining our ranks in November

Once again, we picked five FTMO Traders that were kind enough to share with us their trading journey and what helped them in our evaluation process. “This is something I have dreamed of for the past 2 years” – Trader Wesley Describe your best trade. A short position in the EU. During the London session. […]

FTMO Market Analysis

FTMO Market Analysis for the week starting Nov 16   Pfizer’s vaccine against Covid-19   Last week started on a very positive note, bringing news that pharmaceutical firm Pfizer has the vaccine against Covid-19 with more than 90% effective rate. Stocks and all risky assets jumped on this news last Monday. The biggest beneficiary from […]

Renko Chart – A new perspective to inform a trader

Is the time factor important in trading? Shouldn’t we rather focus on the price itself? Do large traders even care about what time it is and when the next candlestick closes, or do they just watch price levels instead? Even a small change can have a large impact on trading results and your trading plan. […]

New FTMO Traders answer our questions

Welcome to the new interview with our latest FTMO Traders who passed the entire evaluation process to get funded. They share useful tips and tricks that helped them in their trading and much more!   Trader David – Max loss limits made me a lot of a better trader How did you eliminate the factor […]