Don’t risk what you can’t afford to lose

In this article, we explain the reasons why trading may become addictive and why traders might fall into situations that could potentially lead to a negative experience about trading. In addition, we focus on cases in which traders, in combination with different aspects of trading, can worsen their financial situation and how to avoid such […]

New FTMO Traders joining our ranks

The month of May is here and we would like to welcome some of our new FTMO Traders who have recently joined ranks. Be inspired by their stories. Trader Diogo – “it will be absolutely life-changing!”   How did you eliminate the factor of luck in your trading? It wasn’t an easy task at all. […]

Trading Crypto and Indices

Trading Cryptocurrencies and Indices can be tricky from time to time as there are different specifications for different instruments. In this article, we will take a look at some different nuances that every trader should know about trading Cryptocurrencies and Indices. Contract size (lot size) It is the standardized number of a financial instrument within […]

Market Correlations in Forex Trading

Understanding market correlations can provide you with an edge in the markets in terms of seeking new opportunities. Besides, knowing what assets are correlated can significantly reduce your exposure as you can diversify and deploy your resources elsewhere. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the market correlations. Market Correlations […]

New FTMO Traders talk about their Evaluation process

“It’s called a challenge because it’s going to challenge you.” That’s the feedback we received from one of our new FTMO Traders.  Learn some useful tips, tricks and observations of traders who battled in our Evaluation process to reach their FTMO Accounts. Congratulations to all! Trader Etienne – “Focus on yourself, get some market experience, […]

Risk Management in Trading

It goes without saying that risk management is the most important part of trading. Although most traders think they are losing money in trading because of flaws in their trading strategy, the truth is that in most cases they are not using proper risk management. In this article, we will cover everything you need to […]

Risk-on vs Risk-off

Risk-on and Risk-off are fundamental components of market sentiment that reflect on the mood and risk tolerance of market participants.  What do they mean and how can you interpret them in your trading? We will explore that in this article. Risk-on vs Risk-off   Risk-on and Risk-off are market sentiments where traders and investors are […]

FTMO Traders feedback – April edition

Trading is not easy. In fact, it is a very difficult and demanding profession. Those who succeed must have the necessary skills and experience to battle the ever-changing markets, control risk and master their own psychology. In this article, we share the valuable feedback of a few selected FTMO Traders who successfully passed the FTMO […]

Core principles of an effective trading day

A proper trading day is sometimes quite boring. Traders should be ready for any scenario that could happen and as a good practice, it is wise to consider a little room for error of any kind. Experienced traders deal with things in advance, not when they occur. It does not sound like the funniest profession in […]

Are you the next FTMO Trader?

The last day of March is here and as always, we bring you your regular dose of inspiration in a form of traders who successfully reached their FTMO Accounts connected to our Prop Trading Firm. Congratulations to those who passed!  Trader Shane – “Trading is the ultimate test of one’s emotions and you find out […]