Guide to Forex Backtesting – Gain confidence in your trading strategy

There are countless ways of making money in Forex. But how can you be certain that your strategy will work in the long run? The truth is that you can never know 100% as markets are ever-changing organisms. The good news is that you can get very close to profitability thanks to backtesting. In this […]

Trading is a game of probability

“Trading is a game of probability”. That’s the feedback from our traders and we couldn’t agree more. Check out new interviews with our latest FTMO Traders and inspire yourself to be the best trader you can be! Trader Scott – “My risk management saved me.” Describe your best trade. Stacking positions on EURJPY, for a […]

Points, pips and ticks

For a new trader, it may be quite difficult to understand trading terms that define units of price change. In this article, we will discuss the difference between Points, Pips, and Ticks. Points Points have 2 definitions, a practical one and a technical one. Practical Definition A Point in a practical definition is a unit […]

Do you want to become an FTMO Trader? Learn from those who passed the evaluation process.

Our usual Wednesday special is here once again. We asked our new FTMO Traders a few questions and they gave us their feedback. Do you want to know what helped them in passing our evaluation process? Find out in this new article.   Trader Emil – “When you are profitable already and have proper risk […]

Modern history of unexpected market events

The situation with Gamestop (GME) stock has recently flooded the news as retail traders were able to drive the price from $37 to approximately $500 within a week. This so-called short-squeeze is not the first and last unexpected event in the financial markets. In this article, we will cover the most significant flash crashes, bubbles […]

Warm welcome to our new FTMO Traders

We receive regular feedback from our traders who successfully passed the trading Evaluation Course and we share bits and pieces with you to get you inspired. Reading these stories every week makes us more than happy and energized to continue on our journey to be the best Prop Trading Firm for traders all over the […]

Algorithmic Trading – Why it might be a good idea

In this article, we will cover the advantages of using automated trading robots for Algorithmic Traders, advise on how to begin if you are a beginner and discuss common programming languages such as Python, MQL4 and MQL5 and which one you should use. #1 No Emotions, just Logic Robots have no feelings and they do […]

New FTMO Traders joining us this February

February is here and so are the new interviews with our FTMO Traders. These traders successfully passed the evaluation process. What was their experience? Find it out in the following interviews.   Trader Calvin – “TAKE YOUR EMOTIONS OUT OF TRADING!”   How does your risk management plan look like? Risk management is key if […]

Mindfulness in trading

In this article, we talk about developing a winning attitude and the importance of being aware of what is going on in your head while trading. Mindfulness is certainly an important aspect of trading psychology.   You need to be aware of your emotions, and be able to take control over them.  Emotional regulation is […]

Never quit

Never quit! This is one of the advice our new FTMO Traders gave us as feedback for trading their FTMO Challenge & Verification. Inspire yourself by the journey of success. Trader Stefan – “The rules FTMO has in place have made me 5x better.” What inspires you to pursue trading? When I first started trading, […]