Price Action – Breakout Trading

In the previous article we talked about Price Action in general and we also described Reversal Trading. This time we focus on another very important aspect of Price Action methodology, which is Breakout trading. Breakout Trading Breakout traders expect S&R levels to fail. According to our previous explanation in the previous article, Support is a […]

Trader Alexander: trading for other people is a lot of fun for me

Alexander S. is already trading for many years. In his challenge, he delivered consistent results and is currently undergoing his Verification. “I also realized that trading for other people is a lot of fun for me, a very different feeling which I do like. ’’ Tell us something about you. How did you start trading? I have been […]

Price Action – Reversal Trading

In June 2013, price on Gold fell to about $1200 after a severe downtrend. Price on Gold has never been that low since August 2008. Shortly after, price reversed and rallied up to $1430. 3 months later, we tested the $1200 level again in December 2013 and the price bounced again. Price hasn’t tested that […]

How much money do you really need to trade for a living?

Just reading this article tells you that you are taking trading seriously. Let’s think now, without prejudice, about how much money for trading you really need to sustain a day-to-day living. Many traders start with small accounts of up $5,000 or equivalent in a different currency and they hope they will be millionaires within a year. Experienced […]

Our pick of 6 trading movies to watch during Xmas

Christmas holidays are coming, which, besides lots of food, candies and family visits, should give us a little time for a quiet rest and procrastination. If you’re in love with charts, markets and everything about trading, just as we are, let’s rather watch a  movie about trading and the stresses associated with it: o) Here […]