New version of Mentor App

 As you already know, we care that our traders respect the Trading Objectives and follow proper risk management. For that reason, we offer the Mentor Application to all our traders. The Mentor App has just been upgraded with new functions and improved interface. Have a look at this new video to familiarize yourself with […]

Currency Strength Analysis

We have received this very interesting article from one of our followers. The article starts with a brief explanation of FX movements, which serves as a good reminder to all. The main part of this article is dedicated to the analysis of a strength / weakness of any individual pair. This approach can be used […]

Fundamental Mathematics for Trading

Mathematics is not everyone's favourite subject but it is essential, even in everyday life. Don't worry, it is not rocket equations but learning Mathematics for Trading is like knowing how to count apples in a grocery store. We believe that a lot in this article will be beneficial to you. Table of contents Risk Calculation […]

New FTMO Traders – Welcome

A new FTMO Traders compilation is here. We would like to give an extra thank you to all of these new FTMO Traders for taking the time to share their story with us.  Blake - talented US trader 1)  How did you start trading?  I got into trading from an early age by watching finance […]

Errors to avoid & Tips to pass the Challenge

Sometimes, traders tend to do silly and unnecessary mistakes in the Challenge that can easily be avoided. Minimizing errors in the Challenge will certainly help your chances to succeed and may help your trading overall. Being profitable is one thing but at FTMO, it is important to strictly follow rules and have a solid discipline. […]