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Yes, it is possible! Dariusz from the USA probably exceeded everyone's expectations and made his dreams come true.
Being our FTMO Trader with a maximum allocation, he was able to beat the previous record payout of $500,180 by miles thanks to his profit of $1,206,225, which is the biggest profit recorded in the industry!
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Meet our Spanish FTMO Trader Luis. He started trading with us at the beginning of 2021 and since then, he has been able to receive more than 137 payouts from various FTMO Accounts, confirming that consistency is the pinnacle of trading.
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Meet another FTMO record holder. He started trading with us more than seven years ago and he still actively trades with us. Daniel from the Czech Republic bought his first FTMO Challenge in 2016. At that time, the modern prop trading industry wasn’t very known at all.
Some traders stick with us for a long time, and Daniel is a great example of that.
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Bestar from Kosovo
Our FTMO Trader Bestar says he isn’t special and if he did it, you can do it too.
“Never give up and it's much easier now with FTMO because you can trade higher amounts of money which we didn't have a chance to do years ago.”
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Pepe from Netherlands
Pepe is one of our youngest very successful FTMO Traders. At the age of 19, he had a payout of $76,000.
"I recommend it to everyone, most people don't even believe it. I was surprised at the first Profit Split between me and FTMO. It's CRAZY."
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PAUL from the U.S.
Paul is our FTMO Trader who earned one of the highest payouts in our history.
“Customer support is at a really great level. I also felt that FTMO has a really solid platform... I look forward to staying with it in the future and just expanding the account.”
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Mugi from mongolia
At FTMO we have traders from almost all over the world. Mongolia is represented by our MUGI!
“I am very grateful for this opportunity and would like to recommend FTMO to traders in Mongolia as we have many good traders here!”
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Daniele from Atlanta
Our excellent trader Daniele speaks from the heart in our interview.
“If you have a dream and a vision in your mind, it's because you have everything it takes to become a reality. I believe that FTMO is a blessing for all the professional traders out there.”
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Cinthya from Ecuador
Cynthia from Ecuador wants to own a hedge fund in the future. But now she's trading at FTMO!
“FTMO is the key. FTMO is the first step and the most important step to continue our trading career. So let's do it!“
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