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FTMO story

The idea to start the FTMO project, which was initially called, began in 2014 in a small Prague office where a handful of young daytraders, including the future founders, joined their forces. You can see us in the picture on the left. We were contributing to each other’s trading system as well as bringing up different ideas about money and risk management.

Despite our different approaches to trading, we mutually agree that professionalism can only be achieved through strong discipline in observing one’s own rules. By maintaining rigorous self-discipline, one reaches a point where team spirit and unobtrusive supervision of other traders form the backbone of conscientious and successful trading.

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Our Mission

We are continuously developing the project into an international investment company. This change will allow us to create a global platform where, at a certain point, we will be able to offer a unique composition of retail traders trading for our company to investors with the possibility to invest in a portfolio of traders of their choice.

Let’s get together to create a global community of successful retail traders and build an investment portfolio that has no precedent in the world.

Our Playground

You can find us on the top floor of the modern Quadrio offices, located in Prague’s historic centre. Right inside the building, you’ll find a shopping mall that you can reach just by taking an elevator. And we can’t go on without mentioning our rooftop, which includes a large terrace where you can relax while admiring some of the best views you can get in Prague.

Finding us could not be easier, we’re right between Wenceslas Square and the National theatre. Public transportation is also very convenient as there is a metro station directly beneath the building and a tram station in front of it.

There are many handy gadgets and features our offices have to offer. We have phone booths where our employees can handle business and personal calls or meeting rooms where you can draw your ideas on the glass walls. In each department, there are fridges full of various drinks, not to mention all the snacks available in our kitchen. We have our own recording studio where all the digital magic happens and finally our poker room, where we spend most Friday evenings.

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Our Team

FTMO is a place where talent is cherished and cultivated. Our team is built by highly committed professionals, but what truly stands behind the success of FTMO is tight cooperation between our teams and the overall friendly spirit that rules our company. Thanks to such environment, we’re able to grow our skillsets both individually and also as a team.

Every colleague is an expert in their field just as our FTMO Traders are experts in trading. With more FTMO Traders, more FTMO Team players are necessary to satisfy their trading needs. Providing an A to Z customer care, creating an analytic trading environment with the best possible conditions, or providing high-class education – all of that is a part of our goal. Trading is our passion.

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