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IT team
A large team of expert programmers
Different programming languages e.g. PHP, Python, Kotlin, Flutter, NodeJS, .Net, Go lang and more
Using modern technologies such as Elastic or Kafka
Cloud-based infrastructure in Kubernetes
Marketing team
Modern marketing and advertising techniques
Multifunctional professional recording studio available
Development of cross-marketing methods on ongoing projects
Creating content for more than 180 countries
Building strategies across all social media
Operations team
Providing continuous education & skill development
Possibility to progress internally, career growth
Operating with traders from all over the world
As a front-liner, you represent the brand
Participating in other internal company processes
HR team
Recruiting employees locally and internationally
Strengthening the workforce and leadership
Maintaining business structure
Taking care of payrolls
Accounting team
Core financial processes of the company
Technology-driven approach to accounting
We are ranked among the TOP 100 largest corporate taxpayers
High-standard practice to enrich your skillset
Trading & Data Team
Analysis of trading and business-related data
Assisting with data-driven decision making
Providing automated reports and analytical dashboards for other departments
Optimizing workflow and creating automated solutions
Building a robust trading infrastructure for our clients

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