Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to close my positions overnight?

In an FTMO Challenge or Verification, you don’t have to. During these stages, you can keep your positions open overnight and over the weekend as well.

However, once you become an FTMO Trader and get an FTMO Account, we require you to close your positions just before the markets close for the weekend or if the rollover (market break) is longer than 2 hours. Our FTMO Traders having the FTMO Account must respect the market timings. Every asset class and its respective instruments might have different trading hours that have to be adhered to.

Standard market hours are visible in the trading platforms and at our Symbols site, however, trading hours are routinely subject to changes based on major holidays or other events. All changes to standard market hours are announced in the Trading Updates section and we highly recommend visiting this page regularly.

In MetaTrader, when you open the Market Watch (Ctrl+M), right-click on the instrument of your interest, and choose ‘Specification’. In the dialogue window, scroll down and you can see the ‘Trade’ hours of the subject instrument. These are the standard market hours applicable most days (unless specified otherwise in the Trading Updates).

In the cTrader platform, open Markets – right-click on the instrument of your interest, and choose ‘Market Symbol’. The trade hours will be displayed in the same dialogue window.

In the DXtrade platform, you can simply go to your “Watchlist,” right-click on any instrument and select the “Instrument Info” option to view the Trading Hours in your local time.

If you trade cryptocurrencies, some can be traded during specific hours of the weekend as well.

Also, the above restrictions don’t apply to FTMO Traders having the account type FTMO Account Swing. Unlike the FTMO Account, the FTMO Account Swing does not have restrictions for news trading or holding trades over the weekend.