Frequently Asked Questions

FTMO Swing account type

Whom is the new FTMO Account Swing suitable for?

The new FTMO Account Swing does not have any restrictions for trading around News releases and holding of trades overnight (above 2 hours market close) and over the weekend. That’s why this account type is suitable for swing traders who need to hold positions for a longer period of time, giving them enough time to evolve. In most cases, these are fundamental traders who expect market sentiment to last a couple of days/weeks or technical traders who analyze higher timeframes (H1 and above).


How can I get the new Swing account type?

You can order a brand new FTMO Challenge and choose the Swing account type when you configure your account.


I am your existing FTMO Trader. Can I switch my FTMO Account to FTMO Account Swing?

Yes, you can. We can convert your existing FTMO Account to the FTMO Account Swing before every new cycle (Reference Period). In other words, you can request the conversion to Swing account type after every Profit Split or after signing the FTMO Account Agreement and before placing any trade on the original FTMO Account.


I am currently trading on the FTMO Challenge or Verification. Can I switch over to the Swing account type?

Yes, you can. We can process the conversion once you end your current cycle, not while you actively trade. Please send us an email to [email protected] to request the conversion from a normal account type to a Swing account type.