Frequently Asked Questions

What account size will I work with?

FTMO Traders will have the same account balance size as chosen for their preceding FTMO Challenge and Verification.

To avoid any confusion, after a client becomes an FTMO Trader, he/she will be provided with a demo account with fictitious capital. Clients are entitled to up to 90% of results generated on the FTMO Account. 

We do not have upgrading options so you need to choose the appropriate account size right at the beginning when you are configuring your FTMO Challenge. You can, however, start a new FTMO Challenge and upon successfully passing another Evaluation Process, we will provide you with another FTMO Account. Just keep in mind that our maximum capital allocation on FTMO Accounts is $400,000 per trader/strategy.

If you are successful and consistent in the long run, your FTMO Account balance can be increased according to our Scaling Plan. The Scale-up can only be accommodated during the Profit Split processing. If your account fulfills the eligibility criteria, you will be able to request a Scale-up during the Payout process, directly in the Client Area. We shall then review your track record and provide a scaled-up FTMO Account for you for the upcoming trading period.