Frequently Asked Questions

How does the FTMO technical infrastructure work?

FTMO provides services of simulated trading and educational tools for traders. Since the beginning of FTMO, our objective has been to provide traders with conditions as similar as possible to the real market in all parts of the Evaluation Process,  Free Trial, and FTMO Account. In the Free Trial, you can check our trading setup and try it out for free and we always recommend our clients to try it before jumping into the Evaluation Process.

Are there differences in execution for different clients?

All execution settings have been the same for all clients regardless of whether it is Free Trial, FTMO Challenge, Verification or FTMO Account. We do not differentiate among any group of clients. All clients take advantage of the same execution and accounts settings on a trading platform, with no difference at any stage, regardless of your trading performance.

Can I experience any execution delays?

Execution delays are always present in real market trading. It happens on all trading platforms and trading servers. To simulate this on FTMO’s servers, we apply a delay which reaches up to 200 ms. Other factors that contribute to execution delays are geographical location from the server/data centre, internet connection, and latency. Execution delays are not set up on an individual basis but indiscriminately for all clients on a particular platform. You can always view the execution speed in your platform terminal – journal.

Why does FTMO charge a commission on some asset classes?

In order to best emulate how financial markets operate and in line with market standards, we also include simulated commissions when executing trades. All commissions applied to each symbol can be found by everyone on our website and on the trading platform. This is another important part of getting close to how the real market works and testing trading skills in the most accurate conditions as if they were in the real market. We pride ourselves on having one of the industry’s lowest and most competitive commission structures.

Does FTMO apply hidden markups or added slippage?

We do not add hidden markups or additional slippage. Trades are executed according to the pricing visible on the trading platform. In the case of slippage,  the executed price was affected due to the technical delay that we explained above. Slippages can be both positive and negative without any preference.

How does copying trades affect FTMO Traders?

In case FTMO wishes to replicate a client’s trades, the replication technology runs in a separate environment without interfering with the account of the client. The trading conditions remain the same on the client’s platform, regardless of whether the client’s trades are replicated or not.