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Why should I join FTMO?


Trading is difficult. As a trader, you will face many common problems such as:

  • Trading an account that is too small (undercapitalization)
  • Fear of losing own money
  • Psychological pressures
  • Lack of Discipline
  • Growth limitations
  • Insufficient support from other people

It is difficult to make a living as a trader. With the FTMO Prop Trading firm, you can manage our capital of up to $300,000. If you generate profits on the FTMO account, our funding partner company will keep 30% as the profit split, and you will be rewarded with 70% of those profits. However, it needs to be understood that this is the best-case scenario and similarly, traders might face periods when they don't earn any profits. In general, trading is a risky business.

Another benefit of trading for FTMO is that you won't be responsible for any losses if any. In case things go wrong, all losses on the FTMO account are covered by our funding partner. You don't need to fear losing if you literally have nothing to lose.

At FTMO, we are also traders and we understand that to be a successful trader, it is not just about having enough capital to trade with. The performance of our traders directly reflects the performance of the company. Therefore, it is in our interest that our traders trade under the best conditions. FTMO Traders may consult with our Trading Psychologist anytime free of charge. Also, traders at FTMO will receive wide access to our innovative Trading Applications which will enhance your trading edge and we will also evaluate your trading accounts with detailed feedback from our company.

Then there is Discipline. You cannot be all loosey-goosey with the FTMO Account. We will carefully observe your trading results and you will be trading under easy rules. We believe that our rules are not very restrictive but at the same time, they will avoid a disaster if you decide to go on tilt. No more over-trading, revenge trading, over-leveraging etc. That is why you will learn to manage risk much better once you start trading with us.

Another issue traders face is the so-called 'keep and grow or withdraw and go'. Do you prefer compounding your account or rather enjoy your hard-earned money? At FTMO, you can do both. FTMO will pay out your 70% profit share on a monthly basis. Periodically, we will allocate more trading capital into your FTMO Account as you consistently profit. Get paid and grow at the same time according to our Scaling Plan.

Last but not least, the initial fee that you've paid will be refunded to you with the first profit withdrawal from the FTMO Account.