Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘Trading according to a real market?’

Trading must be legitimate and traders must not use practices that contradict the functioning of a real market. A trading strategy is allowed, provided it doesn’t interfere with legitimate trading or exploit practices that are intended to cause us any harm or misuse the Evaluation Process and/or FTMO Account in any way and breach the forbidden trading practices.

We recommend that you get familiar with How FTMO works, just as the Terms & Conditions, specifically clause 5.4. that describes the above-mentioned forbidden trading practices.

Please note again that all trading via the FTMO platform (Free Trial, Evaluation process, FTMO Account) is simulated only, with only fictitious capital available. However, we may use the data obtained from FTMO Accounts to trade on our own separate live accounts. Hence we emulate the conditions of a real market and require our clients to apply proper risk management. And when you trade on a real market (e.g. via a proprietary trading firm), you have to follow the rules.