Frequently Asked Questions

How many accounts can I have?

We do not place any limit on the number of accounts you can have in the FTMO Challenge and Verification stage. However, we have a maximum capital allocation limit when you are an FTMO Trader, which is $400,000 (prior to scaling) per trader or strategy, at any given time.

Equivalent limits are in place for other currencies – €320,000; £280,000; CAD 480,000; AUD 520,000; CHF 320,000 or CZK 8,000,000.

These limits are in place due to risk mitigation & diversification measures.

Please be careful not to get multiple accounts through various registrations as this is not permitted. If we discover identically traded strategies through various accounts, and exceeding the total of $400,000 in active FTMO Accounts, we reserve the right to suspend those accounts as per the contract.

If you would like to combine your individual FTMO Account into a single master FTMO Account, we can do so upon request. The combined FTMO Accounts need to be at least at their initial account balance to be merged and meet the following conditions:

  1. The FTMO Account is not in drawdown.
  2. There is no profit due for your Profit Split.
  3. All accounts to be merged have the same risk setup.
  4. All accounts to be merged are in the same base currency.

The single merged FTMO Account will then have a combined balance value as well as the drawdown limits (5% Maximum Daily Loss / 10% Maximum Loss). If you wish to compound your profits, you do not have to withdraw them before merging the accounts.