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How many accounts can I have?


We allow a maximum of 3 $100,000 FTMO accounts per trader or per strategy, at any given time. In other words, the maximum allocation per trader or strategy is $300,000 once you become our FTMO Trader and this can be spread out as 3 accounts with $100k, or 6 accounts with $50k, or 12 accounts with $25k, etc. If you have an Aggressive version of the Challenge, the maximum capital allocation is 3 x $50,000 accounts as drawdown limits are double the size of the normal version. This is due to a risk diversification as we don't want to allocate a big portion of our investment on one card.

For example, you can have 3 individual Challenges, each one with $100,000. That makes it $300,000 together. Please be careful not to get multiple accounts through various registrations. If we discover the identically traded strategies throughout various accounts and exceeding $300,000 in the allocated capital value, we reserve the right to suspend those accounts as per the T&Cs.

If you would like to combine your successfully passed evaluation accounts into one master FTMO Account, we can do so upon request. The combined accounts need to be at an initial capital to be merged.