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What capital will I trade as the FTMO trader?


You will trade the same amount of capital that you traded in the Challenge. If you traded with $100,000 in the Challenge,  you will also manage $100,000 in the funded FTMO account.

If you wish to trade with more capital, you can simply apply for another Challenge and trade more accounts. Each Challenge needs to be traded from the beginning, irrespective of the progress on your other accounts. As we need to diversify our risk and funds exposure, we allow a maximum capital allocation of $300,000 per trader or per strategy, at any given time. This can be understood as 3 accounts - each with $100k, or 6 accounts - each with $50k, etc. Please be careful not to get multiple accounts through various registrations. If we discover the identically traded strategies throughout various accounts and exceeding $300,000 in the allocated capital value, we reserve the right to suspend those accounts as per the T&Cs.

Please note that in case of the Aggressive version, the maximum capital allocation is $150,000 as the loss limits are doubled.

On the other hand, if you are consistently profitable on the FTMO Account, we will be happy to allocate additional capital as per our scaling plan.