If I breach the rules, do I get a second chance?

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If I breach the rules, do I get a second chance?

If you happen to breach any of the Trading Objectives, that particular account will be automatically invalidated and loses eligibility to continue in the Evaluation Course. If the breach happens on your FTMO Account, the corresponding FTMO Account Agreement will be terminated. You can always try again from scratch and order a brand new FTMO Challenge if you wish to become our FTMO Trader. Please note we don’t provide any discounts for repetitions. If you violate the Trading Objectives, your initial fee paid for the FTMO Challenge is forfeited so be sure to stay safe and respect the rules.

There is, however, one exception. If you manage NOT to breach any of the Trading Objectives (regardless of whether that is the FTMO Challenge or Verification) and your account ending in profit at the end of the trading duration, with all positions closed, we will give you a new FTMO Challenge free of charge. We know that sometimes the market conditions are not in the trader’s favour and we appreciate your good trading and ability to manage risk properly.

Furthermore, you can get a free extension of 14 calendar days for your FTMO Challenge if you have not exceeded the loss limits, traded for at least 10 days, and you have more than 5% profit (balance & equity) on your FTMO Challenge – Normal Risk mode [or 10% profit (balance & equity) on your FTMO Challenge – Aggressive Risk mode], 3 days before the trading period ends. More about the extension here.

The extension needs to be initiated on the 28th or the 29th calendar day of your trading period. The option to extend the trading period will no longer be available on the end date of the duration. In other words, it will no longer be possible to use this feature on the last day [CE(S)T] of your FTMO Challenge (30th calendar day of your FTMO Challenge).

Using the 14-day extension, you can now consistently keep trading without rushing into emotional decisions instead of having to start from scratch all over again.

And what’s more, if you do not meet the Profit Target even with the 14-day extension, you can still wait for your Free Repeat if the usual conditions are met.