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Gain insight into the psychology that drives your decisions behind the charts. Identify your triggers, understand your thinking and make the first step in your change as a trader.

The importance of psychology

Psychology is crucial in trading as it has a direct impact on decision-making, risk management, and overall performance.

Emotional control

Traders must master emotional control to prevent impulsive decisions driven by fear or greed, while also managing cognitive biases that can distort perceptions and lead to suboptimal choices.


Cultivating a positive and resilient mindset is also essential for overcoming challenges and persisting through setbacks.

Psychological awareness

Ultimately, traders who prioritize psychological awareness and self-mastery are better positioned to navigate the complexities of trading and achieve their financial goals.

How can it be helpful?

Most of the time, traders already have the answers within them, however, it is often hard to see yourself when there is no mirror. In our coaching sessions, we will try to identify factors that are holding you back from reaching your full potential. Specifically, the focus will be on the following points:

  • 01 Explore and change your beliefs about trading
  • 02 Avoid your big red days
  • 03 Shift focus from results onto the process
  • 04 Accepting the losses
  • 05 Tools for better discipline
  • 06 Increasing your confidence in trading
  • 07 Get to know you better

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Performance Coaches

Kindly be advised that our coaches exclusively communicate in English.

Nelly N.

Nelly is a performance coach specializing in empowering individuals in the financial markets and fostering the mindset essential for consistent performance excellence. Apart from her work with traders, she brings experience working with athletes, drawing on her previous focus on sports psychology.

She holds a Master of Science in Psychology from Coventry University Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, enriched by a Life-coaching course with a focus on performance coaching that guided her path towards expertise. Since 2020, her focus has been dedicated to FTMO Traders.

Michal K.

As part of his next psychology training, he chose to become a certified psychodynamic coach. This means that during a coaching process, you can dive a little deeper into the subject if necessary. One of his areas of expertise is aviation psychology.

He has worked with airline pilots, assisting them in developing the right psychological skillset crucial to working in a performance-oriented environment. Michael has been trading FOREX on his live account since 2015. During this time he has experienced almost every state of mind that a trader can face.

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