5 reasons why NOT to TRADE Bitcoin

Recently, the interest in cryptocurrencies has risen enormously and so have their prices and volatility. We have long tried to resist commenting on this topic, but since the transactions to Bitcoin are increasing even among our ranks, we have decided to prepare today's article. We do not share the widespread view today that Bitcoin presents […]

Albert as Another Open Conqueror of the Challenge

In the past week, a trader who wants to share with you and was willing to answer a few of our questions had done very well. His name is Albert and he is now in the Verification phase showing some quality results once again. We believe that everything will go well and Albert will become […]

DAX statistics: Gap analysis

In this analysis, we examine the probability of gap being filled. A gap occurs when there is a difference between the closing price of the previous day and the opening price of the following day. For example, the Dax closes on Monday at 12 000, Tuesday opens at 12 020. In this case, the gap size […]