The Turks are worrying the whole world

Last week   The Turkish economic crisis made headlines in the market throughout the entire week. The Turkish Lira has dropped to its record minimum against the greenback, but it managed to significantly recover parts of its losses. There are many reasons of the current economic problems of Turkey, especially the move of the US […]

A game of chance

How to think in probabilities When uncertainty is involved in a game, it’s called a game of chance. We all know popular games such as Poker, Roulette, Black Jack etc. Now, a game of chance is quite boring without any stakes, right? In a game of chance, people may put bets. A game which rewards […]

What stance will RBA & RBNZ take?

Last week Last week was in the hands of the world’s central banks. First, the Bank of Japan left the interest rate unchanged at negative -0.10% and signalled greater flexibility in the long-term bond yield target. Then, the US Fed, as expected, also kept its rates unchanged, but the Bank of England was less surprising […]

Interview with a Nasdaq trader

Last time we wrote about a trader who became funded purely by trading Nasdaq. Today, we bring you an interview with this trader – Lucas. How did you get to trading in a first place? I got to trading by accident at the time we were expecting the first child. From the beginning, I just […]

Bustling week of interest rates

Last week Last week, US President Donald Trump met with European Commission President Juncker on a free trade agreement talks between the US and the European Union. This meeting seemed to be a success, and both parties agreed to suspend the trade war and voiced their determination to demolish most tariffs and taxes for a […]