New month, quarter & half-year

Last week Good news for Greece. Before the past week, the eurozone finance ministers have agreed on the last bailout package for Greece. Soon after this, the international rating agency Standard & Poor has increased the country’s credit rating from B to B+. This was in conjunction to the above fact and the better economic […]

Trade Wars heat up

Last week The previous week was characterized not only by the central bankers meetings. President ECB Mario Draghi has several public appearances and has repeated again that ECB will be cautious when determining the first rate hike. This sort of uncertainty had significant weakening impact on the common European currency recently. The Trade wars heat […]

Lucas, the Nasdaq trader

The US stock indexes are not a popular instrument for some of the retail traders and are not being traded so much. Moreover, trading of these indexes is costly with some brokers, including the most famous ones such as S&P 500, Dow Jones or Nasdaq. However, there is a trader who based his strategy successfully […]

Central bankers meeting

Last week One of the most important events last week was the meeting of President Trump and Kim Jong Un at the Singapore Summit. Although everything went well and there was an excess of handshakes, the details of the two countries’ agreement were not concrete. Rather, it is a symbolic gesture and a willingness to […]

Trading according to the real market?

In our General terms and Conditions even in the contract for the traders, it is written that the transactions made within all types of trading accounts of our project must not interfere with the functioning of the real market. If they were, individual transactions or even entire accounts could be annulled and in the case of a […]