The Story of a Trader Who Became the FTMO Trader This Week

Jozef from Kosice (Slovakia) is a trader who he has recently met the conditions of the Verification phase. Jozef has elaborated in an extraordinary way on his trading system and the contribution of the Challenge to the development of his trading skills. You have the opportunity to get acquainted with Jozef's story in this article. […]

“The Challenge changed my life,” Writes the Trader Who became the FTMO Trader for the Second Time

You already became the FTMO Trader in the past, but you ran out of luck. What happened? The first FTMO Account suffered a big blow from the psychological point of view. But after a while, I started feeling like some "trading guru". The biggest problem was most likely that I started acting like the best […]

A New Trader Elaborating on His Trading Style

Last week our ranks were joined by a new trader, who has so far conveyed the most detailed description of his trading system, but also of his approach to trading and life in general. Get inspired by the interview and become the next trader of our company. As a matter of fact, it was precisely […]

$1,139 in 11 days. An Analysis of Yet Another Successfully Completed Challenge

With the increasing amount of traders, who have managed to overcome the Challenge, increases the diversity of styles that we can analyze. However, several common denominators can still be observed among all these traders. There's definitely no harm in bringing these to mind in this article about another trader, who managed to follow the rules […]

Successfully Completed Challenge 40

Not only this trader passed the Challenge 40, but he also agreed to an interview. Read his story and find how the Challenge helped him to be more profitable in his trading. How long have you been trading? I have been involved in trading for several years already. Due to my job, at first I […]