Trading according to the real market?

In our General terms and Conditions even in the contract for the traders, it is written that the transactions made within all types of trading accounts of our project must not interfere with the functioning of the real market. If they were, individual transactions or even entire accounts could be annulled and in the case of a […]

Mario Draghi at the scene

Last week One of the most important headlines of the past week was the meeting of the G7 representatives in Canadian Quebec. The major topic was a negotiation related to the import tariffs from the United States, but this was probably the biggest disappointment. Not only that the whole situation has gone almost nowhere, but […]

Higher high and low statistics

In the case that two previous days had higher high and higher low, we explore the probability of formation of the higher low and break through the high of the previous day.   Analysis results: HH – higher high HL – higher low FD – following day It has happened in the last 2451 days […]

Trade wars begin

Last week summary By the beginning of the previous week, we could have witnessed a very typical reaction of the investor’s risk-off sentiment due to the geopolitical situation in the eurozone. It all started in the Monday’s European session when the Italian president refused to approve the finance minister as nominated by the prime minister […]

Our newly funded trader – Peter

We have interviewed one of our new FTMO Traders. Learn what Peter has written about himself and his trading. Hi Peter, can you briefly introduce yourself and your approach to trading? I greet all the traders and new colleagues alike. My name is Peter, and my trading has been empowering me since 2013. Trading was […]