Statistical App – Aggressive candle

In this statistic, we will analyse the so-called aggressive candle. Video can be found here (TBI). The aggressive candle is categorized by the substantial impulses of buyers or sellers right from the open. We will analyse such candle on this chart: Instrument: DAX Timeframe: 30 M chart First DAX candle: 08:00 – 08:30 The long […]

Candlestick Patterns: Do They Work?

Candlesticks belong to the most popular methods of technical analysis. Searching for specific candlestick patterns was firstly used in the 16th century Japan at the rice exchange. That is where the very roots of technical analysis reach. Munehisa Homma, the best known promoter of this method, was the first one to use systematic records of […]

FX Experiment: Martingale System II Results

In this article, we will test the theory stated in the previous article. We will test the money management of the Martingale trading system. To accomplish that, we will create an automated trading system. The system uses random entry strategy and the trade management is the same for all positions. The automated trading system works as […]

Introduction to Volume Spread Analysis

In this series we will introduce the famous Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) system that uses the very foundation of market behaviour. The foundation for this system was laid by Richard Wyckoff, the legendary trader, who supposedly earned a fortune with this system. In the 1970s, this system was taken by Tom Williams, who developed it […]