Successfully Completed Challenge 40

Not only this trader passed the Challenge 40, but he also agreed to an interview. Read his story and find how the Challenge helped him to be more profitable in his trading. How long have you been trading? I have been involved in trading for several years already. Due to my job, at first I […]

Maximum Daily Loss: Be Aware of This Rule!

The daily loss or daily stop-loss rule protects the trader’s capital from rapid losses, but also from over-trading and fighting the market. When a trader reaches a certain loss amount, he or she will be forced to stop trading on that day. The rule can be easily put in place by setting the stop-loss order, […]

Interview: Youngest FTMO Trader Is Just 21 Years Old

The beauty of trading is that anybody can do it irrespective of social status, education or age. This is also true for the Challenge, of course. The 21-year-old trader Tomáš from Bratislava, Slovakia who has just become a FTMO Trader with our company just last week. Our youngest trader was welcomed among us as well as […]

Three Pillars of New Traders’ Success at

In this article, we will discuss the results of a trader who had managed to meet the requirements of the Verification phase even prior to the publication of the article about the successful Challenge. This means that the trader obtains from us 10,000 USD for Forex trading. Congratulations! Let us have a look at the […]

First Challenge Met Through Automated Trading Strategy

In today’s article we will introduce you to the first Challenge met purely using trading algorithm which trades in the form of scalping. Let us take a closer look at this automatic strategy as it is really very interesting. Automated trading systems have several advantages. The main advantage is the elimination of the effects of the […]