Broker Review

You often ask how to choose a broker for your trading. Since we are an independent project, we don't directly recommend any particular broker as we are fair with all. Nevertheless, we have prepared a comparison of our partnered brokers so that you can decide for yourself.

When choosing a broker, don't forget that costs associated with trading shouldn't be the only factor for your final decision. Other important aspects to consider are the speed of execution, slippages, reliability, regulation or customer support.

Current spreads

We measure the current spreads every second for you. Choose the instrument of your interest and compare the spread size by individual brokers and account types. The most important column to look at is the "Overall costs", which includes commissions (if any) as well. In order to get the best results, arrange the table according to the parameters that interest you most.

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    Long-term spreads

    Current spreads are important for sure, but what are the common values in a long-run? In the following table, we focused on the minimum and the maximum spreads and their so-called normal values - i.e. the values that statistically occur in 68.2% of the time. For a reason that spreads may vary during different sessions of the day, we divided the calculations into individual time intervals. For instance, if you only trade European session in the morning, you would be probably most interested to know the figures of the 08:00 - 12:00 time period.

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