A warm welcome to our latest FTMO Traders

We would like to give a warm welcome to our new FTMO Traders who recently joined our ranks.  They share bits and pieces about their strategies and tips for those who are about to tackle the FTMO Challenge in the near future. Enjoy their feedback! Trader Ben from the United Kingdom Do you have a […]

Payments for our FTMO Traders

Dear traders, We are very happy and grateful for your loyalty even in the difficult period associated with Covid-19 pandemic. Certainly, you all know very well that the current situation has an impact on all traded assets. Coincidentally, these days are very good for most experienced traders, because the increased volatility brings with it a […]

Take a look at how these new FTMO Traders passed their Challenges!

We are bringing you the new addition to our series of interviews with freshly funded FTMO traders. As always, they share their journies, how FTMO Challenge helped them in their trading and much more!   Trader Ian from the United Kingdom   What inspires you to pursue trading? Once I have a good strategy, which […]

Attachment to Money

This week, our trader Richard talks about attachment to money and how we as traders should focus more on actual trading instead of the money part of it. Enjoy the article! How bad is your Attachment to Money? Do you have trouble pushing the button when executing trades? Do you freeze when currency pairs retrace… […]

Q&A with new FTMO Traders

We are bringing you a new dose of interviews with our freshly funded FTMO Traders. They share their strategies, trading styles and what helped them to complete the FTMO funding process. Enjoy the reading! John talks about his journey and trading style   About me: I started trading 6 years ago when I still had […]

Meet our new FTMO Traders!

Our new FTMO Traders reflect on their Challenges and Verification, share their trading strategies and difficulties they had to face on their way to get funded by FTMO. Enjoy this dose of inspiration! Trader Perez from France   How would you rate your experience with FTMO? I am for the moment, a new trader of […]

Starting new quarter with another bunch of successful FTMO Traders

The month of March ended and we are starting April with yet another bunch of successful FTMO Traders. We refreshed our questions to keep the content more exciting. As always, enjoy the article and be inspired by their success stories!   Trader Lendarius from The United States What inspires you to pursue trading? The vision […]

Newly funded! A warm welcome to our latest FTMO traders!

We would like to welcome new FTMO traders who just got funded by us. As always, they share a little bit about themselves, their journey and their strategy. We hope you enjoy their insights! Trader James from Australia About me: I wanted to learn a skill that would enable me to have the ability to […]

Stop-Hunting and the Never-Ending Thirst For New Capital

This week we have an article from our trader Stephen where he explains the concept of “stop-hunting”. The thesis of how large institutions see retail traders’ orders as their liquidity provides an interesting and unique perspective to see a market. Enjoy this great article! Ever wonder why your stop gets tagged when trading? Even though […]

Price Action FTMO Traders who recently got funded by us

This new week has brought another batch of  FTMO traders. All of these traders have something in common as well, they all trade Price Action strategies. Be inspired by their journey and maybe learn something new to incorporate in your own trading approach!   Trader Matthew from South Africa About me: I am a completely […]