Is your trading going nowhere? This might just help you

What do the beginnings of Forex trading often look like? We can split them into two interesting paths. One of the ways is unexpected success. This success is often attributed to beginner’s luck and chance. The second of the paths can be defined as a regular curve of the balance, which has a negative slope. As you trade longer and longer, there may be yet another scenario. Constant lateral movement and water treading. Is this third scenario your case? Check out what solution we have for you.

Feedback, analysis

On our traders’ accounts,  we often observe significant improvement. This improvement is helped by feedback and analysis of trading results. We analyze the trading performance of every trader and we are trying to figure out interesting strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of statistics. Do you do business better on Monday or on Friday? Does trading more instruments at once suit you, or would your output benefit from focusing on one specific instrument?

Look what such Account Analysislooks like and what kind of information it can provide you here.


Statistics is a beautiful science which provides clear information. It can be of very good use in trading in order to win probability over to our side. Do you know, for example, what the probability that the market breaks through the high or low the previous day is? This is a very interesting piece of information, if you are starting a trading session near those prices. If you find that the probability of breaking a high is higher than 80%, you will logically aim your trades towards breaking the high. We have analyzed Dax in the last 10 years and created a unique Statistics app where you can find a lot of interesting statistical information.

Do you also want to make use of our Statistics app? Have a look here.


Are your trading results weighed down by losses which are caused by violations of the rules? Analyze your trading and you may find that unnecessary errors from breaking the rules are exactly the reason that you cannot change your Equity curve into a steadily growing one. If you know you have trouble observing rules, try our Mentor app. It keeps an eye on a lot of things for you and notifies you of any potential breaches of the business plan.

For more information about the Mentor app and how you can get to your MT4 platform, go here.

Trading Journal

Trading is not just about trade. Have you tried thinking on each and every single trade? This is why we have prepared a simple trading journal for al our traders. Write down every thought you have. Take a screen-shot of your trade and try to come back to it some time later. Was the trade carried out  successfully? And now we do not mean input only, but also its management.

What does the business diary look like and what our traders say about it?


We have packed all of these tools for better results in Forex trading into one big package and added them to our Challenge. We are actually on the traders’ side. If our traders make money, we make money, too. Would you like to belong among our traders? Accept our Challenge. Trade for a small fee on a demo account, fulfil the rules and manage the capital of our company. Currently, we let traders trade with accounts of up to CZK 1,000,000.

Try it for yourself and take advantage of our project.