Think about your Christmas payout early

Do you want to enjoy your profits from trading on the FTMO Account this Christmas? Then you should pay attention to a few details about processing payouts and invoices, especially when it comes to your first Profit Split. If you do everything right, you can count on us. Since FTMO is a technology leader and […]

How to become one of the best forex traders?

The best traders in the financial markets are aware that without discipline, consistency, and long-term goals, they cannot succeed in this business. At FTMO, we highly value such traders, which is why we offer them exceptional benefits and rewards. We will even allow the very best to apply for a job at a professional quantitative […]

How to trade in low volatility markets?

The forex market is characterized by its high liquidity and also interesting volatility, which means there are plenty of opportunities for trades. However, at the end of the year, and especially in the second half of December, liquidity in the markets may decrease and traders should adjust to those market conditions accordingly. The Forex market […]

Which trading platform is the best for you?

The answer to how to choose the best trading platform is not simple, because here a lot depends on the preferences of the trader and the offer of each company. FTMO has been offering its clients the most popular platforms available on the market for a long time. Moreover, it is expanding its offer with […]

Top 5 indicators and add-ons for TradingView

In addition to the most popular trading applications offered by FTMO to its clients, the TradingView website, which is also very popular among traders, offers an interesting analytical service. And even here, in addition to the basic tools, it is possible to use various add-ons and indicators that can make trading significantly more efficient. Recently, […]