Trading Journal? It’s a must.

Trading is no different from any other business. You risk some money to make more money. But since retail trading is in most cases done from home, traders tend to have a  very lazy attitude to keeping records about their trading activities. In this article, we will have a  look at why journaling is so […]

How to eliminate the factor of luck in trading?

There is a certain degree of randomness in the financial markets. Not only because of the unexpected global events that can cause price spikes but also we as retail traders are usually the last ones who get the information. Although we like to think the market moved because of our great technical strategy which is, […]

Four mistakes traders make when placing a stop-loss (Avoid these at all cost!)

Have you ever placed a trade with a stop-loss, just to watch the market taking you out and continuing straight to your desired direction? This is a common situation traders find themselves in when placing their stop-loss. In this article, we break down some common mistakes and also share some valuable advice on how to […]

Renko Chart – A new perspective to inform a trader

Is the time factor important in trading? Shouldn’t we rather focus on the price itself? Do large traders even care about what time it is and when the next candlestick closes, or do they just watch price levels instead? Even a small change can have a large impact on trading results and your trading plan. […]

Are your trading expectations unrealistic?

Do you trade with a small account? Do you always blow it up because you try to make a reasonable sum of money? In this article, we will look at this common problem and maybe help you find some solution as well! Are your trading expectations unrealistic? As an example, let’s have a look at […]