The 43 Best Trading Blogs Every Trader Should Read in 2019

If you browse around and look for the best and most insightful traders, trading educators and mentors, you've just come to the right place. Here are the 43 best trading blogs (in no particular order) you should be following in 2019! There are a lot of Trading blogs and resources around, and we wanted to […]

Currency Strength Analysis

We have received this very interesting article from one of our followers. The article starts with a brief explanation of FX movements, which serves as a good reminder to all. The main part of this article is dedicated to the analysis of a strength / weakness of any individual pair. This approach can be used […]

Trading is an opportunity.

This article was sent to us by a trader Alex from the United States. He speaks about his experience and development as a trader. You will learn about his views on markets and also a little bit about his strategy and why he has chosen such a system. It is clear that Alex is a […]

Why to trade on CFDs?

In this article, we will introduce the pros & cons of trading on the CFDs (Contract for Difference) and will illustrate the entire concept on the arithmetical and graphical example. On the Futures market, we can trade not only currencies but also stock indexes such as S&P500 at CME or DAX at German Market Eurex. […]

Simple trend strategy using FIBO and EMA

We have received this article called "Trend is your Friend"  from Charlie B. from the United Kingdom. For some traders, saying "Trend is your friend" might sound like a cliché, but for many other traders, it represents a cornerstone of their strategy. In this article, Charlie shares with us a simple trend strategy using FIBO […]