Adding to a losing position? A risk that can pay off

One of the basic rules of trading states that a trader should never increase his/her positions when he/she is at a loss. However, some traders still use this method of position management while still remaining successful. How to do it properly without causing too much damage? We will explore that in this article. In our […]

How to use the power of the trend to achieve higher profits

Every forex trader knows that the key to success is maximizing your profits and minimizing your losses. There are many ways to achieve this, but it mostly depends on the trader’s experience and mental resilience. One of such ways can be increasing the position while the trade lasts. Most traders who fail to achieve long-term […]

Why trading without Stop Loss is not a good idea

Many retail traders cannot imagine trading without Stop Loss, yet there is a relatively large amount of traders who do not use Stop Loss in their trading. For large institutional traders, this may not be a big problem due to their capabilities, but retail traders should think twice before trading without SL. We will discuss […]

What role do liquidity providers play in Forex?

We recently wrote an article about how market liquidity affects volatility. This time, we’ll look at where the liquidity in the market actually comes from, and how it’s possible for retail traders to open relatively large positions with little capital thanks to leverage. Forex traders often don’t bother to wonder where the funds they trade […]

FTMO Traders: You will not succeed without patience and proper risk management

What do traders that have passed the FTMO Challenge and Verification have in common? What would they recommend to others interested in managing the FTMO Account? That’s exactly what we’re going to look at in today’s article, which was inspired by the answers of successful FTMO Traders. Forex trading is an individual sport where no […]