Trading Other People’s Money Versus One’s own

We received this article from one of our clients. Eugene G. is summarizing the benefits of trading other peoples’ money while FTMO is benefiting from the increased performance of its traders. I have been trading my own money with little success. For 7 years, I have been profitable to a small degree, yet FTMO funded […]

Counter sentiment trading – EUR/USD & GBP/USD

We received this article from one of our clients. Eugene G. writes about his trading style, which is based on counter trend trades. Trading against prevalent sentiment is not always popular, most people and professionals may even deem it as risky. Riding a wave for all it’s worth is no always the case in Forex […]

Trading: a mental game

The following article was sent to us by one of our client, Samira C.  Samira shares her story how she became a trader. It is a very inspiring journey as you see her talk about her ups and downs. We are very happy to share her wisdom with our traders. I got into trading almost […]

FOMO syndrome

Controlling emotions in trading has always been difficult. We all know what we SHOULD do, but as human beings, we always do what we WANT to do. Remember the time when you waited for the price to come to your support level to go long? Somehow, price always seems to reverse a few pips before […]