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Tomáš Říha (Head of Trading)

The Trading & Data Team undertakes the trajectory of FTMO strategic core development in our company to identify critical insight into external and internal trading & business decisions.

Being the leader of the proprietary trading industry, we collect all outflow and inflow data of the trading industry to build reasonable solutions and intelligently implement them. Providing those solutions via automated analytical reports to the management and other departments brings them essential comprehension of the necessary steps to keep our competitors behind us.

The more convenient trading environment we build, the more creative then we can get with the subsequent solutions. By providing our traders with more than 100 trading instruments (Forex, stocks, crypto & much more) along with crisp order execution, our trading conditions rank as one of the best in the whole industry. Great conditions attract the best traders, which is, after all, our ultimate goal.

Our search for patterns, correlations, and relationships to predict the present and future trading-related outcomes acts as our daily routine to endure and overcome potential risks involving the whole industry. Our team is composed of experienced data engineers and the search for new colleagues is just getting started.

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