A big test of Algorithmic trading. Does it work?

Algorithmic trading is becoming extremely popular among retail traders nowadays and so we decided to go really deep and test whether it works or not. The outcome might surprise you. In the below article, we’ll show you how to build your own Algorithmic trading portfolio and the trading results that we generated after one year of […]

FX Experiment: Martingale System II Results

In this article, we will test the theory stated in the previous article. We will test the money management of the Martingale trading system. To accomplish that, we will create an automated trading system. The system uses random entry strategy and the trade management is the same for all positions. The automated trading system works as […]

FX Experiment: Martingale System Introduction

The martingale systems are widely used casino, sport betting, but the principles are also used by many traders in the financial markets. And not only that. Martingale’s principles are often part of the automated trading systems. How do you recognize a martingale trading system? Usually by the fact that the system has an unbelievable balance […]