London Trader passed the Challenge, say hello to Beranger M.

Beranger from London has just passed the Challenge. As he writes, he is more a swing trader, however, he also wants to improve as a day-trader for whose is the Challenge mainly designed. We wish Beranger good luck in the Verification phase. “I believe the Challenge is great as it helps traders to work on […]

Technicals and Fundamentals that’s the strategy of our New FTMO Trader Feroz

We are very pleased to welcome Feroz among our FTMO Traders. In our opinion his trading style is really advanced. Feroz is paying attention to technical analysis as well as the fundamentals, leaving no aspect of trading behind. The most important fact is, that Feroz is well disciplined in risk management. How his Verification phase […]

Patrick G. is our new FTMO Trader from the United Kingdom

Patrick sees trading as an opportunity to recover from misfortune in a business venture. We believe that he will not only recover but makes a lot more :). “I like the process, very helpful for the key ingredients of patience and solid Risk Management.” Tell us something about you. How did you start trading? I […]

Full-Time Trader from Pakistan shares his story

This Pakistani trader didn’t have an easy road to become a full-time trader, after all, who did? Our trader Ahmad D. didn’t give up and he made it! “Passing the Challenge gives me courage and increase my belief in my skills. I have followed the trading rules and easily passed the Challenge.” Tell us something […]

FOMO syndrome

Controlling emotions in trading has always been difficult. We all know what we SHOULD do, but as human beings, we always do what we WANT to do. Remember the time when you waited for the price to come to your support level to go long? Somehow, price always seems to reverse a few pips before […]