FTMO Account MetriX Updates

 New updates from FTMO are here. Our Account MetriX has new features and applications. Find out more in our video.  

Good Luck and Bad Luck in Trading – How to manage drawdowns

Equity curves do not move in a straight line. Trading is a very bumpy ride. The trader has to experience drawdowns, probably weeks and months without a profit. Then there are times when everything goes our way. Every setup seems to work. Our account history is almost green only and we are seeing new highs […]

Trader and Financial Advisor Jean Claude from Canada

We have received the below article from one of our traders, Jean Claude. He is not only a trader but a financial advisor who has shared some beneficial advice on how to handle your money and control risk. Hope you will be inspired by his insights.  I started my career in my early 20’s in […]

MT4 Indicator

Top 10 MT4 Indicators that will ease your trading (FREE DOWNLOAD + GUIDE)

MT4 is considered to be one of the most popular trading platforms for retail traders at financial markets, especially in forex trading. It's user-friendliness and different charting tools give traders almost everything they need. Since MetaTrader4 is free, it lacks a little bit with different functions that you can find in professional trading platforms. You […]

New FTMO Trader Sibil from sunny Croatia

It is our pleasure to introduce to you our latest funded FTMO Trader Sibil B. from Croatia. Sibil found his passion in financial markets during the Housing Buble in 2007. We wish Sibil a long-term and successful journey with FTMO.  "FTMO is by far the best opportunity to become a professional trader" Sibil, tell us […]