Various instruments and the profit potential they hold

Trading is a business and it’s a pretty tough business where you have to use all the means available to your success. In this kind of business, we can’t just care about the revenues but we also need to monitor the effectiveness with which we achieve them. In good times, the efficiency of our individual […]

Video: Performance psychologist interview

As promised, the video interview with our psychologist Nikola is here! Frequent trading errors, motivation & confidence, positive thinking and exercises to strengthen your trading mindset. 

Don’t get tricked by a high success rate in trading

This article was sent to us by Peter from Slovakia, who is one of our promising traders. Peter has already had many years of experience in trading and he has decided to share his findings with trading a negative RRR system. This article should definitely be read by everyone trading a system with a negative […]

Trading Other People’s Money Versus One’s own

We received this article from one of our clients. Eugene G. is summarizing the benefits of trading other peoples’ money while FTMO is benefiting from the increased performance of its traders. I have been trading my own money with little success. For 7 years, I have been profitable to a small degree, yet FTMO funded […]

Trader Wenceslas: New FTMO Trader shares his strategy

Today we bring you an interview with the new FTMO trader, who was not afraid to break down his trading to details. Trader Wenceslas B. has 8 years of experience in trading, which he’s now using in his FTMO Account. He also added a fundamental analysis to the technical analysis, and he praised that decision. […]