How these new FTMO traders got funded?

A journey to receive the FTMO trading capital is not always easy. You need a solid strategy, discipline and dedication. Who can be better to provide good advice than those who successfully passed our evaluation course? Check out the interviews with our new FTMO Traders and be motivated by their success stories. Trader Verniel getting […]

Talking with new FTMO Traders

We bring you another part of our series where we talk with freshly funded FTMO Traders. Be inspired by their stories and find out what helped them to get funded by us! Great insights from trader Bruce What was the hardest obstacle on your trading journey? If I had to sum up my two issues […]

Is Forex trading gamblin? The answer might shock you!

In this new article, our colleague Tung writes about one of the most discussed and obvious topics of Forex Trading. Is Forex Trading a Gambling or not? Throughout his professional career, he met many people with various opinions on Forex Trading and guess what the majority had said. Yes, the wide public considers Trading as […]

The month of August is here with new FTMO Traders who recently got funded

The month of August is here and we would like to welcome our new FTMO Traders in our ranks. Have you ever failed? If so, stand back up and never give up. That’s one of the best advices our FTMO traders give. Get inspired by their success stories! How trader Kareem got funded after one […]

Brothers from other mothers: Investing vs Trading

Financial freedom is a very attractive goal for a lot of people. These days, options are limitless. In this article, our colleague Tung looks at the two most popular ways how to enter the world of finance – Trading and Investing. He compares these two models and provides pros and cons for both.  Brothers from […]

Forex Orderflow: Why markets move and how you can profit on it

One phenomenon in the finance and trading industry is the flood of experts and analysts coming out from all corners of the internet with explanations on why the market moves occurred in the hindsight.” The market reacts to this news.”; “The market reacts to this technical level.”; “The market is doing this and that.”. Although […]

FTMO Weekly Recap – 31st of May 2020

Welcome to the next FTMO weekly recap! The month of May comes to an end, and once again, FTMO is here with our regular weekly recap. What are the three common reasons why most Forex traders fail? We identified these to be an undercapitalization, lack of knowledge, and lack of discipline. In the new video, […]

Why most retail traders with small accounts fail

This week, our trader Malik shares with us an article which has a great value in it. It is about undercapitalization, which is a very common problem for many retail traders. A great number of traders think they cannot reach profitability in the Forex markets because of their strategies or market behaviour. However, it’s often […]

Tips & Tricks that helped our new FTMO Traders getting funded

We express our warm welcome to our new FTMO traders who recently got funded by us. Take a look into how they managed to score the Challenge and what methods they used to succeed. This feedback is very valuable to new traders or those seeking some trading motivation.   Trader Nabeel putting the emphasis on […]

Introducing new FTMO Traders

We are here once again with the new portion of our funded FTMO Traders. How they passed the Challenge? What obstacles did they face? What do they recommend to those who are about to tackle the FTMO Challenge? All of this and more in our new article! Trader Samuel sharing valuable advice for those starting […]