Price Action trader Andrew: The Challenge forces you to rely on your trading plan.

Our trader Andrew is from Canada and his style is reading the Price Action, where he tries to identify phases within trending markets.  Andrew is now in his Verification stage of our evaluation process and we have high hopes he’ll soon join our group of fully funded traders.  “The Challenge forces you to rely on your […]

Money Management & Psychology is the key to success – says Jean Claude from Canada

Discipline and emotions under control, these are the values of Jean Claude from Canada.  He started as a financial advisor and became a successful trader. We wish Jean Claude a further success in the future with FTMO. “The Challenge itself is very easy if you know how to calculate risk.’’ Tell us something about you. […]

Olumide – Former broker employee shares his journey to profitability.

Olumide from Canada got a taste of trading while being an employee of major brokerage firms. He started as many others, he first experienced losses, which opened his eyes. He didn’t give up, worked hard, developed his strategy and now he is a successful trader. We wish Olumide good luck and stable profits. “ Losses did […]

Harminder P. is our new funded Trader from India who achieved 100% positive days in his Verification

Read our next short feedback from our trader Harminder P. He is one of our very good traders from India and we are very excited to welcome Harminder among our funded FTMO traders. His Verification account balance is almost too good to be true, but that’s exactly what we like to see 🙂 We wish […]

Persistence and hard work – Trader Piotr shares his journey

Persistence and hard work, these are the characteristics of Piotr, our trader from Poland who takes trading very seriously. His journey started with quick success followed by an even quicker reality check. He didn’t quit, he learned and became consistent. We wish Piotr a further success in the future with FTMO. “The Challenge teaches consistency […]