FTMO April Updates

New updates from FTMO are here. You will find about our new Broker Review app, big Algo Trading test, upgrades to our FTMO Apps – especially Account MetriX and new payment options including Bitcoin.  

A big test of Algorithmic trading. Does it work?

Algorithmic trading is becoming extremely popular among retail traders nowadays and so we decided to go really deep and test whether it works or not. The outcome might surprise you. In the below article, we’ll show you how to build your own Algorithmic trading portfolio and the trading results that we generated after one year of […]

Trading & Emotions

Much has been written about the psychology of trading and, in particular, the theory of trading psychology. In this article, we will focus on some of the issues that may arise and some specific exercises will be shown on how you can fight these issues and how they can be eliminated. What is most important […]

Price Action trader Tajocha – The Trading Objectives are key to being a professional trader. 

Be inspired by another brief interview with our latest funded FTMO trader – Mr. Tajocha from the Netherlands. He failed his Challenge twice, before finally mastering it and became the FTMO funded trader. He adds: “It’s all a game of psychology and discipline is mandatory!” We couldn’t agree more.    Something about me: First of […]

New App: Broker Review + video

 You often ask how to choose a broker for your trading. Since we are an independent project, we don’t directly recommend any particular broker as we are fair with all. Nevertheless, we have prepared a comparison of our partnered brokers so that you can decide for yourself.