New FTMO Traders Share Their Trading Experience

As we enter a new year, we would like to welcome our newly funded FTMO traders! You will find more of their success stories in this new compilation. Be inspired by those who battled through and found the winning mindset that earns them interesting profits to live from!  Patrick from Norway About me: I started […]

The life of an intra-week trader

Does trading seem illogical to you? Have you seen the price always go against you just to take you out and then continuing in your original direction? Our trader Elliott has learned how big institutions look at retail traders and pushing the price in their opposite direction to get the best entry. Be inspired by […]

Do you ever worry prior or during a trade?

This is another great article that belongs to a trading psychology series. This one was recently sent to us by one of our traders, and we love the content and the structure on how to identify and face your worries when you are in a trade. We hope this will be an eye-opener for you, […]

Forex Trading Holidays & Calendar in 2020 – Your Personal Guide!

Even though most traders focus on technical analysis, knowing the fundamentals and scheduled events is the key attributing to success. Especially in trading, it's vital you keep abreast with the market sentiment relevant to geopolitics and the investors' risk mood. Combination of these, you are not going to get caught off guard! That is why […]