We pay millions in payouts to our FTMO Traders

At FTMO, we strive to provide the best services to our clients. At the same time, we make sure that when they fulfil the required conditions and are profitable on their FTMO Account, they will get a proper payout. Want to know how many dollars we pay out each month and what are the biggest payouts are in each region?

From the beginning, FTMO's goal has been to help skilful traders solve the problem of undercapitalization. Those who are really skilled and experienced can make very good money through FTMO without risking their own capital. Thus, during our time on the market we have been able to create more than 138,000 FTMO Accounts for our FTMO Traders. We then pay them millions of dollars per month from their proceeds.

Highest payouts in the regions

Dariusz also experienced this in his account, as he achieved the highest payout of $964,980.55. In second place historically was Paul, who earned over $500,000 with us and also shared his strategy in a YouTube interview. Something like this is hard to beat, but nothing is impossible.

Traders in all regions were active. In Europe, Axel from Belgium took the biggest payout of $110,252.56. In the Oceania region, Adrian from Australia had the highest payout of $87,690.39. In Asia, Quang from Vietnam was the most successful, receiving $86,956.28. Traders in Africa also fared well, with Pascal from Kenya collecting the biggest payout of $74,229.14. In South America, Hugo from Brazil was the most successful, with $45,164.36 landing in his account.

How are the best ones doing?

If you want to know how our top traders are doing right now, you can check out our Leaderboard. Here you have a great overview of how the top traders are doing on any given day in absolute terms, and you can also see their percentage appreciation. However, you can only filter out traders with a certain account size. This is useful if you only want to compare yourself to the best traders who have the same account size as you. However, you need to log into your account to see the full leaderboard, and you can then access the Leaderboard from the left panel in your Client Area.

138 payouts in a row

But it's not just about individual payouts. We also like consistent traders who can make money over the long term. For them, we have a Scaling Plan. Our most consistent trader, Luis from Spain, has already made more than 138 payouts with us. As for "longevity", our trader Daniel has been with us since 2016, when few people had heard about modern prop trading.

Millions a month

The fact that we mean well is proven by the statistics on our payouts over the last four years. Interestingly enough, our most frequent payouts are made on Tuesdays (and not Mondays). So far, the most payouts in one day, up to 196, were made at the very beginning of this year, when we paid out $628,317 to traders on Tuesday, January 2.

Monthly payouts have moved from an average of 305 in 2020 to 1,713 payouts in one month in 2023 (we then sent 2,753 payouts to our clients in January 2024 alone).

Also, the amounts we pay out to our traders are very interesting. We are making you increasingly happy here, too. While in 2020 we paid out a daily average of $39,584, in 2023 it was already $209,973. At the beginning of 2024, the amount we pay out daily exceeded USD 300,000. On a monthly basis, it gets even more interesting, so while in 2020 we sent an average of $851,044 per month to trader's accounts, in 2023 it was already $5,782,324.

The best month was January 2024, in which we sent a whopping $9,643,269 to our traders. Finally, we can only add that from 2020, when we paid $3,404,178 for the entire year, the total amount paid out has increased 22-fold to a whopping $75,170,210 by 2023.

We are happy to be able to help traders around the world in this way. The numbers mentioned and the amounts of money paid out reassure us that our efforts do not go to waste and that it is all worthwhile. We keep our fingers crossed for you in your trading and hope that these statistics will give you energy and motivate you to do even better. Trade safe!

About FTMO

FTMO developed a 2-step Evaluation Process to find trading talents. Upon successful completion you can get an FTMO Account with a balance of up to $200,000. How does it work?.