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Think about your Christmas payout early

Do you want to enjoy your profits from trading on the FTMO Account this Christmas? Then you should pay attention to a few details about processing payouts and invoices, especially when it comes to your first Profit Split. If you do everything right, you can count on us.

Since FTMO is a technology leader and also one of the most reliable companies in the modern prop trading industry, our clients don't have to worry about problems with withdrawing their profits. However, with the Christmas holidays approaching, traders need to keep in mind that if they want to have their money in their account before Christmas, they must take special care in processing Profit Splits and invoices and not leave it until the last minute.

Have time to spare

So, if you want to receive your profit share from your FTMO Account before Christmas, you should expect that it will take some time to process the Profit Split, create the invoice, transfer the money, and credit it to your account. Thanks to the efforts of our colleagues, the actual check of the client's FTMO Account, the processing of the Profit Split, and the subsequent creation of the invoice and sending of the money does not take long, but the trader himself has to pay attention to several things.

First of all, you need to set the Profit Split Day with enough time so that everything can be done even if problems suddenly arise. This date should be set for 18.12. so that if all requirements are met, the client can receive the money in his account by Friday, December 22nd. (Christmas Eve falls on a weekend this year). The trader should make sure to close all his trades on that day, no later than 22:54:59 (CET). If he leaves a trade open, the processing of the Profit Split may be delayed due to the calculation of the trader's correct final profit.

Another factor that may delay our colleagues' analysis of an FTMO Account could be the prohibited trading practices that we have defined in our Terms and Conditions. Our customer support colleagues may need to contact the client to clarify these practices, unnecessarily prolonging the account analysis and the process of processing the Profit Split.

Make sure the data is correct

Once the client's trades have been checked and the withdrawal has been confirmed, the trader will be given the opportunity to process his invoice, which he should do as quickly as possible. Here, the client should take particular care to provide all information correctly (both his own and that for FTMO) when processing the payout and subsequently in the invoice. In the Client Area, the client has the option to fill out a template that makes invoicing much easier.

If the data is incorrect, delays can occur and the final sending of the money can be delayed. If everything is in order, FTMO processes and pays all invoices that afternoon, or in exceptional cases the next day. If the client specifies the option to pay in cryptocurrency or via Skrill, they should receive the money on the same day. If they specify the bank transfer option, the payment can take up to five days, but of course, this also depends on which country the client lives in and which bank they use.

So, if you want to give yourself a gift of a Profit Split withdrawal from the FTMO Account this Christmas, be careful how you trade and also make sure that you manage to close your trades and process your Profit Split well in advance. We wish you much success in your trading career, and always: trade safely!

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