Our Performance Coaches are here to help you improve your trading results.

Why is psychology so important?

Use your potential to a maximum possible use.

In order to suppress bad habits and unwanted behaviour, it is essential to find a source of such behaviour and this isn’t always easy. For this reason, we have hired qualified Performance Coaches in our team. Our Performance Coaches will lay down some particular questions specific to every individual and will try to guide you to understand the problems. Mutual cooperation should result in a long-term solution and eliminate unwanted manners and consequently lead to better trading results.

Get to know our Performance Coach Nelly N.

Nelly is a Performance Coach helping traders unleash their highest potential and perform consistently when it matters. She graduated from Coventry University Faculty of Health and Life Sciences with a Master of Science in Psychology. During her studies, she became interested in sport psychology and motivation and decided to complete a Life-coaching course focused on performance coaching.

Let’s explore more about your personality. What kind of trader are you? Rediscover your strengths and weaknesses and together, we’ll arrange a plan tailored specifically for you.

Let me help you develop the tools, insights, and psychological strategies that you need to ensure you are well-positioned for moving forward towards your goals. As the famous author and trader Mark Douglas once said: “Great traders are not born, they are made.”

Nelly N.

Get to know our Performance Coach Michael K.

Michael graduated from Charles University with a master’s degree in Psychology.

As part of his next psychology education, he has chosen certified training in psychodynamic coaching. This means that during a coaching process, you may dive into the subject issue a bit deeper if necessary. One of his areas of expertise is aviation psychology.

He has been working with airline pilots, assisting them in developing the right psychological skillset which is crucial for working in a performance-oriented environment. Michael has been trading FOREX on his live account since 2015. Throughout this period, he has experienced almost every state of mind that you as a trader may face.

You can be assured that you are talking with someone who understands the grind. As a coach, Michael uses his core skills, knowledge and experience to assist you on your way to achieve your desired goals. He approaches each trader individually – it doesn’t matter if you need to resolve an urgent issue you struggle with, or you want to squeeze the most out of your trading strategy. Together, you will define your targets and find the best solution for your situation.

Michael K.

How it can be helpful ? Boost your performance and trade better!

In general, we will try to identify factors that do not allow you to make the most of your potential, and then we will eliminate it. Specifically, we will focus on the following points:

  • Identifying a positive approach
  • Removal of negative internal or external influences
  • Elimination of unnecessary losses and focus on profit
  • Self-identification, self-analysis, detection of mistakes in trading
  • Increase discipline
  • Increasing self-confidence in trading
  • FOMO phenomenon and its removal

Are you interested?

When you submit your interest, you will receive an email with a very short questionnaire so that our Performance Coaches can get to know you better and tailor the session according to your needs. You can book any available slot which is listed in your Client Area. Sessions are free for all FTMO Traders (2 sessions per month).