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Discover trading
with the DXTrade
Experience seamless trading on a cloud-based platform, DXtrade. Enjoy
the sleek and intuitive user interface, suitable for both new and seasoned traders.
Our technology ensures fast execution and quality real-time analysis. Get some
of the most comprehensive trading tools, charts, and indicators available to
make the best decisions.

Cloud platform

Experience trading at its peak on a cloud-based platform. Access your FTMO Challenge, Verification or FTMO Account from almost any device where you can open a web browser. Leverage the cloud solution to optimize your performance and access your trading anytime, anywhere.

Advanced multi-tool

Adjust your platform to suit your trading style, not vice versa. DXtrade was created as a multi-market tool, perfect for sculpting itself to your liking. With more than 100 symbols available with FTMO, it is one of the best platforms to manage trades across multiple asset classes, whether you trade Forex, Indices, Metals or anything else. Shape the multi-screen layouts to your profit.

Designated for traders

Your trading strategy is as unique as you are. With the extensive
selection of various indicators, oscillators and chart types, DXtrade
is perfectly suitable for traders who prefer using multiple tools, but
also for those who prefer naked charts and pure price action.

Discover more about the DXtrade in our video.

Know your Trading Objectives

Before we allow you to trade with us, we need to be sure that you can manage risk. For this reason, we developed Trading Objectives. By meeting the Trading Objectives, you prove that you are a disciplined and experienced trader.

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