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The 43 Best Trading Blogs You MUST Read (2021 UPDATED!)

If you browse around and look for the best and most insightful traders, trading educators and mentors, you've just come to the right place.

Here are the 43 best trading blogs (in no particular order) you should be following in 2021!

There are a lot of Trading blogs and resources around, and we wanted to pick the best of the best and present them to you in one comprehensive list.

It really doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or a professional looking for a new edge, these blogs are going to show you a variety of strategies whether it is price action, indicators or fundamental analysis.

So without further ado, here's in no particular order the FTMO list of The Top 43 Trading Blogs:

Louise Bedford and Chris Tate from The Trading Game

Why they made the list: Chris and Louise are both veterans in the Trading industry with over 30 years of experience.
Besides being great traders, they are also best-selling authors of many Trading books such as „The art of Trading“ by Chris Tate or „Trading Secrets“ by Louise Bedford.
In their blog section, you can browse between tons of valuable articles about Currencies, Economy, Psychology, Charting and much more.

Our Favorite Article: Candlestick chart – Your Ultimate Analysis Tool


Vladimir Ribakov

Why he made the list: Vladimir is one of FTMO partners and is a well-known trader using a variety of strategies and Trading systems. Vladimir is an excellent teacher and he puts a lot of work into his websites and publishes fresh Trading opportunities every day.

Our Favorite Section: Trading Ideas


Hugh Kimura from Trading Heroes

Why he made the list: Hugh Kimura started TradingHeroes to document his Trading journey and to help other traders improve. Hugh is a very active blogger writing about Forex strategies, backtesting, journaling, psychology and much more. He is also running The Trading lifestyle podcast where he interviews other professional traders from the industry.

Our Favorite Article: How to Figure Out Your Trader Personality Profile


Etienne Crete from DesireToTrade

Why he made it to the list:

Etienne is a forex trader and founder of DesireToTrade. There is a lot of great value which can be found on his blog. Besides being a trader himself, he is a founder of the Desire To Trade Podcasts, which is one of the best Trading podcasts channel you can tune into. There are regular weekly episodes where Etienne interviews the best figures in the trading world. Etienne is also an inspirational icon as a 'travelling trader' who inspires many others who seek to be full-time traders and enjoy trading & travelling.

Our favourite article: Backtesting Guide: Validate your Forex Trading Strategy with Forex Tester 3


Jason Sen from DayTradeIdeas

Why he made it to the list: Jason has been a trader for over 30 years and his work was featured on FXStreet, and many other sites. On his website, you can find a lot of free technical analysis reports which can be super helpful in your day to day trading.

Our favourite section: Free Reports


London Trading Institute

Why they made it to the list: London Trading Institute comes with a mission to enhance as many lives as possible, through education and empowerment. They specialise in developing your knowledge through experiential learning and unparalleled support. So far, they have helped thousands of investors around the globe to develop their path to success and achieve their goals. Their blog is full of valuable pieces of information about Trading the financial markets and the online courses include a complete set of educational material, from A to Z.

Our favourite article: Top Currency Pairs For Forex Trading


Celeste from Rooting For Celeste

Why she made it to the list: Celeste is a talented trading psychologist from the Philippines. She specializes in practical trading psychology and peak performance coaching. You can read great articles on her blog or watch her videos on YouTube.

Our favourite Article: Coaching lessons and a glimpse from the most elusive mentorship


Nial Fuller from Learn To Trade The Market

Why he made it to the list: Nial Fuller is well known in the trading community with his 16 years of experience as a trader, coach and author.

He started his blog in 2008 and his readership has grown to over 250,00 traders since then.

Nial put most of his focus on Price Action trading and Trading Psychology.

Our favourite Article: Why Serious Traders Need ‘New York Close’ Forex Charts


Rolf & Moritz from

Why they made it to the list: With 20 years of combined experience, Rolf and Moritz quit their corporate jobs years ago and started travelling the world.

They are living proof that you can trade from anywhere in the world.

In their blog, they cover a variety of topics with the biggest focus on Trading strategies.

Our favourite Article: 8 Price Action Secrets Every Trader Should Know About


VP from NoNonsense Forex

Why he made it to the list: VP is a professional Forex Trader, YouTuber and blogger.

He frequently explores different Trading indicators and covering them on his blog and YouTube videos. VP is also running his Forex Q&A Podcast.

Our favourite Article: The ATR Is The World’s Best Forex Indicator



Why they made it to the list: Team of traders with over 18 decades of market experience will bring you daily Forex market analysis and interesting webinars.

The F.A.C.E. webinar by Dale Pinkert is very popular among all type of traders worldwide. Dale interviews different traders and also analyzes the markets.

Our favourite articles: Daily market updates


Yvan Byeajee from TradingComposure

Why he made it to the list: In the Trading world, most traders are looking for that „holy grail“ trading strategy. Yvan has a different approach, he knows that the most important thing in trading is psychology and self-control. That is what his blog is all about. You can find a lot of interesting posts on his site or you can buy one of his books about Trading psychology and meditation.

Our favourite Article: 14 Qualities Good Traders Have That Most People Don’t Get


Jarratt Davis

Why he made it to the list: Jarratt Davis is a well-known name in the Trading industry. Jarratt used to be an FCA regulated hedge fund manager and he is currently an advisory partner at the Primary Development fund which is a Cayman SPC with 60 GBP million in AUM. His blog is full of interesting insights from a real professional trader perspective. Unlike many others, Jarratt specializes mostly in fundamental analysis and the importance of fundamental drivers in the markets.

Our favourite Article:


Rayner Teo from TradingWithRayner

Why he made it to the list: With over 200k YouTube subscribers, Rayner is bringing a lot of value for retail traders all over the world.

Same as his YouTube channel, his blog is full of valuable and educational content covering different Trading strategies and approaches.

Our favourite article: 5 Types of Forex Trading Strategies That Work


Mark Hutchinson from FalconFX

Why he made it to the list: With nearly a decade of Trading experience, Mark is teaching his Trading style which made him a profitable trader for over 4 years now.

FalconFX is a very strong community of traders from all over the world. Mark is also bringing his teachings to the offline events which gain a lot of popularity over the past few months.

Even though Mark is not an active blogger, there can be a lot of value found on his YouTube channel.


Chris Capre from

Why he made it to the list: Chris is a verified and profitable trader and trading mentor who is specializing in Price Action trading and the Ichimoku cloud.

What makes Chris special is his high emphasis on neuroscience and Trading psychology.

Our favourite article: Chris Capre’s 18 Trading Lessons From 18 Years Of Trading


50 Pips

Why they made it to the list: 50pips is a research group covering a variety of markets. They are very active bloggers and YouTubers who make regular market analysis published for free.

Our favourite section: Daily market updates


Rob Booker from TradersPodcast

Why he made it to the list: Rob is a trader, mentor and author of book 'Adventures of a Currency Trader' and owner of TradersPodcast, which has over 2.1 Milion downloads and counting! In over 600 episodes, Rob covers all of different topics which help beginners but also professional traders on their journey.

Our favourite episode: Long-Term Sustainable Performance as a Trader


Two Blokes Trading

Why they made it to the list: Staying in the podcasts sphere, Two Blokes Trading is a well-known trading podcast focusing on interviews with retail trading industry figures and some of the best traders in the world, Trading psychologists, hedge funds managers, prop traders and many more. They also review books, brokers, training courses and trading tools on their website.

Our favourite episode: A Mathematical Basis for Intuitive Trading with Andre Minassian


Market Traders Institute

Why they made it to the list: MTI provides a variety of educational courses and software for trading. Their main goal is to improve student lives through their 100% online trading courses in FX, Crypto, Stocks and Options.

On their website, you can find plenty of free blog posts and live webinars as well.

Our favourite article: How to Backtest a Forex Strategy


Matt from TheTrendTradingBlog

Why he made it to the list: Matt is documenting his trading journey in Stocks, Forex and Commodities markets. Matt's main focus is riding with trends, something that is a big problem for a lot of retail traders. This is where his blog comes to use, you will learn a lot of useful tips about psychology and strategy itself.

Our favourite article: Top 5 Most Reliable Chart Patterns


Kiana Danial from InvestDiva

Why she made it to the list: Kiana is a financial markets trader and educator. On her website, you can find a lot of valuable articles and market analysis. Besides that, she is showing how woman investors can find success in this mostly male-dominated industry.

Our favourite article: 8 Steps To Choose Best Currency Pairs To Trade In Forex


Kunal and Al from TradingSim

Why they made it to the list: Kunal and Al started TradingSim in 2007. TradingSim is a well-built strategy tester which allows you to gather years of trading data in a web-based application where you can test different strategies and trading approaches. Besides amazing TradingSim app, Kunal and Al are running a great blog where they write about TradingSim features but they also cover different trading strategies as well.

Our favourite article: Day Trading Salary – See How Much Top Traders Make a Year


Timon Weller from ForexReviews

Why he made it to the list: Timon made ForexReview to help people learn how to be independent and profitable traders. Timon is focusing on Price Action trading and trading psychology. He is an active blogger and YouTuber, making regular market reviews.

Our favourite article: How to Trade the 5 Minute Chart Profitably with Price Action


Michael Harris from PriceActionLab

Why he made it to the list: Even though Michael is focusing more on the stock markets over currencies, he is the author of a book „Fooled by technical analysis“ and he expresses very real facts from the financial markets trading in his blog posts, without sugarcoating his readers.

Our favourite article: The 2% Position Risk Rule: Facts and Fiction



Why they made it to the list: ForexCrunch is a news site which provides news updates from Forex and Cryptocurrency sphere. Besides the fundamental events, you can also read about technical analysis ideas.

Our favourite section: Daily Analysis



Why they made it to the list: With over 2400 blog posts, TradingStrategyGuides offers a massive library of free educational content including Forex Basics, Cryptocurrency strategies, Trading Psychology and much much more.

Our favourite article: Swing Trading Strategies that Work


Johan Nordstrom from TradingWalk

Why he made it to the list: Johan, the owner of TradingWalk is trying to help people to become better traders. He puts his knowledge which he gained over the years into a step-by-step trading books, courses and mentorship program.

Through the trial and error, Johan developed a simple strategy that can help you in your daily trading. On his website, Johan has a lot of valuable articles as well.

Our favourite article: 9 Trading Tips And Rules For Day Traders


Corry Mitchell from Vantage Point Trading

Why he made it to the list: Corry started Vantage Point in 2007 as his personal trading blog. Nowadays, Vantage Point is much more than that. What we like about Vantage Point is valuable financial news but also a lot of tutorials and guides.

Our favourite article: How to Day Trade the Forex Market In 2 Hours or Less a Day (EURUSD or GBPUSD)



Why they made it to the list: Useful resource site for everything Forex related. You will find daily analysis, economic announcements or you can connect with other traders in their forum.

Our favourite article: Why Traders Choose Forex Over Stocks


Girolamo Aloe

Why he made it to the list: Girolamo is a Supply and Demand trader who used to work for Israeli broker in 2012. Over the years, Girolamo mastered his Supply and Demand strategy also with Wyckoff Trading.

Our favourite article: Wyckoff Trading Method



Why they made it to the list: ForexTrainingGroup runs a big blog where you will find anything trading related. It doesn't matter if you want to improve on technicals or fundamentals, in their big library of articles, there is everything for everyone.

Our favourite article: Top Forex Reversal Patterns that Every Trader Should Know


Nick McDonald from Forex Signals

Why he made it to the list: ForexSignals is a great website with its blog but also a trading forum where traders from all around the world can connect everyday.

Our favourite article: The Difference Between A-Book And B-Book Brokers



Why they made it to the list: Besides having some very nice indicators for MT4/MT5 under they belt, WeTalkTrade runs an educational blog where they cover lots of topics from trading psychology to different trading strategies.

Our favourite article: 3 Powerful yet Untapped Best Forex Trading Strategies


Kim Krompass from Price Action Traders Institute

Why she made it to the list: Kim founded PATI in 2012 to help forex traders become more confident with their trading. Kim is a well-known figure in the industry and was a guest on many shows like Face Interview, Trading Heroes, DesireToTrade and more. As the title suggests, Kim focuses on day traders and Price Action only, and her approach debunks many perceptions and myths among traders. There is a lot of value to be found on her website and teachings.

Our favourite section: Sharpening your skills


Justin Bennett from Daily Price Action

Why he made it to the list: Justin Bennet is a well-recognized trader, his articles are featured weekly by Forex Factory next to publications from CNN and Bloomberg. In 2010, Justin discovered the price action technique which he uses till this day. His blog is heavily focused on pure price action with a lot of definitive guides.

Our favourite article: How to Draw Trend Lines Perfectly Every Time


Otto Schlechter from 3MBO

Why he made it to the list: Here is someone special for our German readers: Otto is one of the most prominent educational figures in german-speaking countries and also he is our partner. 3MBO stands for 3 Minutes Break Out and he focuses on mechanical systems and technical analysis. His blog is full of useful articles and videos, so if German is your main language, we can recommend you to check him out.

Our favourite article: Was ist überhaupt DayTrading?



Why they made it to the list: If you are an Elliot Waves trader, FXTradersEdge is a place just for you. What you will find at FXTradersEdge are regular EW market updates, trading tips and crypto analysis.

Our favourite article: Eliot Wave Counts


Hehmeyer Trading and investments

Why they made it to the list: Hehmeyer is the trading and investment firm with decades of experience in the world of financial markets. If you are interested to see trading from a different perspective, we can recommend going through their blog.

Our favourite article: How to stay safe trading crypto



Why they made it to the list: Forexlive is a trusted forex source founded in 2008 which is a go-to website for both professional and retail traders from around the globe. They bring you news as they happen and their Twitter feed is super fast to give you fresh news and updates from global politics and macroeconomic movers. What we also like about ForexLive is their free education section where you can find a lot of value.

Our favourite section: Forex Education


Tom Franklin from Springboardyourtrading

Why he made it to the list: Tom's mission is to create an inspirational online trading environment where people matter, results count and passion for excellence drive everything he does. Tom is a specialist in trading the news releases and he always explains the reasons behind big moves. His blog is full of useful articles and he also runs the YouTube channel where he posts live trades as they happen.

Our favourite article: The 3 P’s to success


Andrew Mitchem from TheForexTradingCoach

Why he made it to the list: Andrew is a well-known mentor and trader in the forex community. His website provides a lot of valuable information with daily video updates and podcasts about the foreign exchange market.

Our favourite article: Why You Should Use A Forex Broker Who Uses 5pm EST (New York) As The Start Of Day


Kevin Hunt from UK2Asia

Why he made it to the list: Kevin is part of PriceActionTradersInstitute we already mentioned above, yet he is also running his own website Uk2Asia. Kevin is a former student of Kim and he now focuses on guiding PATI traders during London session.

Our favourite section: Learn The Basics


So, that’s the list! What did you think? If there’s anyone you think should have made this list, let us know!

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