How to find ForexVPS?

About ForexVPS
No one can deny the importance that quality connection represents for forex traders, and that goes double for those that use robots to trade. For optimal efficiency, algo traders need the shortest possible latency, which is where VPS comes into play. We have partnered with ForexVPS, a renowned VPS provider, and settled a 25% discount on the Basic+ and Standard plans available exclusively to our trader. You’ll find the discount in the Extras section of your Client Area.
FTMO partnership with ForexVPS
Thanks to this partnership you can get a virtual private server with an exclusive 25% discount! The discount awaits you in your Client Area. Trade with the best connection possible and enjoy the features you receive with ForexVPS, among which belong:
  • Insane latency times

  • Equinix datacenters

  • Cloud technology

How to find ForexVPS?