Winners of Guess and Win Contest

Two weeks ago, we prepared an analytical contest for you to win the Challenge with up to $100,000 capital size. The task was to estimate the correct market direction and to pinpoint the last question guess as accurately as possible, where we asked you for a maximum number of trades that was once traded in the Challenge?

Your tips have clearly shown us that every trader sees the same situation in the market quite differently. Where one sees a clear buy opportunity, others will crawl for the opportunity to enter a short position. In the gallery below, you will find the right answers to all the competition questions.

Correct Answers


It’s unbelievable, but the winners who answered all the questions quite right are 2 in total! With agreement of both winners, we therefore decided to split the Challenge into two Challenges of $50,000 and give it to both. We congratulate to Paul B. and Ivana K. and Thanks to all for participating in our contest.

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