Implementing The Wealth Builder

I want everyone who reads this file to realize that implementing this plan will be much harder than it looks. Think about it for a second. If you are not trading successfully, then you are buying market rallies and/or selling market breaks. You have a trader profile that gets long at the top and short […]

S&P 500 Entry Examples

Appendix 2 – entry examples on S&P 500 I have charts of the S & P 500 Index from September 29, 2000 to January 13, 2006. I have gone back farther than I did in the currency pairs so that you can see a full-fledged bear market in stocks and how that appears on the […]

Vegas S&P Daily System (free indicator inside)

‘The business of America is business.’ U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt If a portion of your trading capital is not being used to trade the e-mini futures contract on the S & P 500, traded electronically on Globex, then you are giving money away. Most of you can probably trade the e-mini through the same brokerage […]

Updating The 1 Hour & 4 Hour Tunnel Methods

‘Nature does not know extinction; all it knows is transformation.’ Werner von Braun From what you just read in Chapter 2, I hope most of you can see how the ‘Vegas Currency Daily’ can help you in implementing the 1 hour and/or the 4 hour tunnel methods. For the 1 hour tunnel method, I would […]