Trading is an opportunity.

This article was sent to us by a trader Alex from the United States. He speaks about his experience and development as a trader. You will learn about his views on markets and also a little bit about his strategy and why he has chosen such a system. It is clear that Alex is a […]

Why to trade on CFDs?

In this article, we will introduce the pros & cons of trading on the CFDs (Contract for Difference) and will illustrate the entire concept on the arithmetical and graphical example. On the Futures market, we can trade not only currencies but also stock indexes such as S&P500 at CME or DAX at German Market Eurex. […]

Simple trend strategy using FIBO and EMA

We have received this article called “Trend is your Friend”  from Charlie B. from the United Kingdom. For some traders, saying “Trend is your friend” might sound like a cliché, but for many other traders, it represents a cornerstone of their strategy. In this article, Charlie shares with us a simple trend strategy using FIBO […]

Trading EA which will improve your risk management [FREE EA DOWNLOAD]

This article was sent to us by Alejandro from Mexico. Alejandro is a talented and very intelligent young trader, who is determined to become a successful trader. He writes about risk management, which is a crucial part of trading. He is also a programmer and he was kind enough to share his indicators with ALL […]

Can You Start Day Trading for a Living with $1000? – The Answer Might Shock You!

Pros and Cons of Day Trading Day trading is a dream job for a lot of people. Unfortunately, only a few will make it. Statistics say that 90% of traders blow up their accounts in the first 3 months of trading. Because of that, being a day trader can be considered as one of the […]