How to save while you hedge?

Do you practice hedging in your trading? If yes, then you are the right person who might be interested in the article we’ve prepared for you today. The article will describe how to save money if you have some hedged positions. We know about the MT4 function that many traders are unfamiliar with or haven’t […]

The current state of USDJPY as of 23. 07. 2018

USDJPY has broken out of an ascending triangle pattern. Major resistance level at 111.400 has been breached. It rallied 180 pips beyond the 111.400 resistance and quickly fell back to 111.400 for a test of structure. As of now, on the 23.07.2018 a deep bullish pinbar has been printed on the 111.400 structure level. Technically […]

Trading according to the real market?

In our General terms and Conditions even in the contract for the traders, it is written that the transactions made within all types of trading accounts of our project must not interfere with the functioning of the real market. If they were, individual transactions or even entire accounts could be annulled and in the case of a […]

Problems of Insufficient Capital for Trading

The generally accepted rule of risk management in Forex trading is to risk at max 2% of trading capital per trade. Consider, for example, a student or a regular employee who need to take care of a four-member family. In such cases, it is very hard to save enough money for trading. Is it even […]