Problems of Insufficient Capital for Trading

The generally accepted rule of risk management in Forex trading is to risk at max 2% of trading capital per trade. Consider, for example, a student or a regular employee who need to take care of a four-member family. In such cases, it is very hard to save enough money for trading. Is it even […]

Is your trading going nowhere? This might just help you

What do the beginnings of Forex trading often look like? We can split them into two interesting paths. One of the ways is unexpected success. This success is often attributed to beginner's luck and chance. The second of the paths can be defined as a regular curve of the balance, which has a negative slope. […]

5 Tips for Better Discipline in Trading

Forex trading is a challenging discipline where buyers and sellers fight against each other. When the ones are winning and making money, others must inevitably be losing, and losing money. How to get to the side of those who win in the long term? Successful trading is based on several pillars which include a trading […]

Exercises to Strengthen Discipline

Discipline is the absolute basis in trading which is why you need to continually reinforce it. Today, we have prepared 4 exercises for you. The aim of these exercises is not to make money and trade the best trading opportunities. Our goal will be a strong compliance with the rules set by us. Fixed trade […]

Maximum Daily Loss: Be Aware of This Rule!

The daily loss or daily stop-loss rule protects the trader's capital from rapid losses, but also from over-trading and fighting the market. When a trader reaches a certain loss amount, he or she will be forced to stop trading on that day. The rule can be easily put in place by setting the stop-loss order, […]