4 common trading mistakes that traders make and how to prevent them

In this new article, our trader Pablo takes a look at most common mistakes that prevent traders on their way to success. He also provides useful tips on tackling these mistakes. If you struggle as a trader, we highly believe that these useful tips can help you with your trading progress! Not having a Trading […]

FTMO Trader Lior Z. shares his trading style

Today we have a new article from Lior Z., our FTMO Trader. Lior is the pattern trader and was willing to share his trading strategy with us. Be inspired.  Hello, I want to tell you about my trading style. The Basic: I am trading mainly on forex but the concept is for any chart. My […]

Can traders adopt the “Mentality of a Winner” or is it just for athletes and superstars?

Do you have a winning attitude? Did you know the right state of mind and a positive approach can attribute massively to your trading success? Our trader Ignatius breaks down five characteristic traits of a winner. Be inspired!   “Winning is the science of being totally prepared.” George Allen We have all been told to […]


The 43 Best Trading Blogs You MUST Read in 2020!

If you browse around and look for the best and most insightful traders, trading educators and mentors, you’ve just come to the right place. Here are the 43 best trading blogs (in no particular order) you should be following in 2020! There are a lot of Trading blogs and resources around, and we wanted to […]

Currency Strength Analysis

We have received this very interesting article from one of our followers. The article starts with a brief explanation of FX movements, which serves as a good reminder to all. The main part of this article is dedicated to the analysis of a strength / weakness of any individual pair. This approach can be used […]