Various instruments and the profit potential they hold

Trading is a business and it's a pretty tough business where you have to use all the means available to your success. In this kind of business, we can't just care about the revenues but we also need to monitor the effectiveness with which we achieve them. In good times, the efficiency of our individual […]

Don’t get tricked by a high success rate in trading

This article was sent to us by Peter from Slovakia, who is one of our promising traders. Peter has already had many years of experience in trading and he has decided to share his findings with trading a negative RRR system. This article should definitely be read by everyone trading a system with a negative […]

How much money do you really need to trade for a living?

Just reading this article tells you that you are taking trading seriously. Let's think now, without prejudice, about how much money for trading you really need to sustain a day-to-day living. Many traders start with small accounts of up $5,000 or equivalent in a different currency and they hope they will be millionaires within a year. Experienced […]

Our pick of 6 trading movies to watch during Xmas

Christmas holidays are coming, which, besides lots of food, candies and family visits, should give us a little time for a quiet rest and procrastination. If you're in love with charts, markets and everything about trading, just as we are, let's rather watch a  movie about trading and the stresses associated with it: o) Here […]

Why do we care about open losses?

In the following example, we will look at why it’s so important for investors to monitor the open losses. This trader has never crossed the Maximum loss on his closed positions. His last trade has even hit the desired Profit Target. We might say that this trader observes the trend following system where he awaits […]