Tricks of trade

Hi Traders, in this new article, our Trader Richard shares his “Tricks of trade”. Richard takes a look at things which a lot of traders overlook, but these can play a crucial role in your way to long term profitability. Tricks of trade I would like to think that this isn’t a common practice but […]

Trading with a Statistical edge

Do you trade with a statistical edge? Our trade Allen talks about backtesting your trading system and optimizing from excel journaling. This is a stage which many traders undermine but fairly, it can be a crucial factor in boosting your confidence and believing in your system. For those who are interested in this type of […]

The Top 12 Chart Patterns You MUST know to succeed in trading

If you want to be a fluent technical analyst, knowing chart patterns is something you have to master. Chart patterns (if used correctly), can produce very reliable signals and reward trader with great profits. In this article, we cover the top 12 chart patterns with example and show you how to use them and how […]

The Gold Method

Do you have your own trading system? Does it have a strict set of rules that you follow every time you enter the trade? One of our technical trader decided to completely reveal his strategy, shows graphical examples from the chart and shares his systematical trading plan with you. Be inspired by his ‘Gold Method’. […]

Top 11 Technical Indicators That Can Change Your Trading Forever

Using technical indicators in trading is a never-ending discussion among traders. Some would say they are useless, some can’t imagine trading without them. Understanding the technical indicators is something every trader should master, regardless if he or she decides to use them or not. We picked the top 11 technical indicators, which in our opinion […]