Weekly, Daily and Monthly Open Trading Strategy – An easy way to follow trends

Can one single line that is drawn every week at the same time have any use in trading? The weekly open gives us a straightforward idea of any given market standing for the trading week. How exactly can you utilize it in your trading? Let’s find out! Weekly open trading strategy A lot of traders […]

Volume Spread Analysis – Trading the VSA

In this article we will introduce the famous Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) system that uses the very foundation of market behaviour. Volume Spread Analysis The foundation for this system was laid by Richard Wyckoff, the legendary trader, who supposedly earned a fortune with this system. In the 1970s, this system was taken by Tom Williams, […]

Top 11 Technical Indicators That Can Change Your Trading Forever

Using technical indicators in trading is a never-ending discussion among traders. Some would say they are useless, some can’t imagine trading without them. Understanding the technical indicators is something every trader should master, regardless if he or she decides to use them or not. We picked the top 11 technical indicators, which in our opinion […]

Vegas Trading Tunnel System

Vegas Tunnel Trading System Complete Guide for Trading in 2020 (With Free Indicator)

Vegas Tunnel Trading System Vegas is a nickname for a former local trader named Barry Haigh, who achieved fantastic gains as a forex trader. In his articles, he describes in his style his simple trading systems, which could be used in multiple time frames, he carefully explains the theory behind every part of the system. […]

Market Profile, Volume Profile and Auction Market Theory + Free MT4 Forex Indicator (2020)

What is Auction Market Theory? This theory tries to breakdown the main purpose of the market and how the market participant interacts to fulfil this purpose. The only purpose of the market is to facilitate trade through what is known as dual auction process. One of the thing what traders often say and it’s completely […]