Aaron’s Advanced Price Action Trading Strategy

Do you believe in stop-loss hunting practices? Maybe this paranoia has something to it, but the predators here would be other market participants. This article is written by our trader Aaron. He is focused purely on the Price Action and the relationship between big market movers and retail traders. This trading system takes into consideration […]

Currency Strength Analysis

We have received this very interesting article from one of our followers. The article starts with a brief explanation of FX movements, which serves as a good reminder to all. The main part of this article is dedicated to the analysis of a strength / weakness of any individual pair. This approach can be used […]

Vegas Trading Tunnel System

Vegas Tunnel Trading System Complete Guide for Trading in 2020 (With Free Indicator)

Vegas Tunnel Trading System Vegas is a nickname for a former local trader named Barry Haigh, who achieved fantastic gains as a forex trader. In his articles, he describes in his style his simple trading systems, which could be used in multiple time frames, he carefully explains the theory behind every part of the system. […]

Market Profile: The Most Comprehensive Guide (2019)

Introduction to Market Profile Concept of Market Profile was created at Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) by trader Peter Steidlmayer and first published during the 1980s as CBOT product. Market profile by itself is not a stand-alone strategy, but a different way how you can view the market and make better trading decisions. They have […]

Price Action – Breakout Trading

In the previous article we talked about Price Action in general and we also described Reversal Trading. This time we focus on another very important aspect of Price Action methodology, which is Breakout trading. Breakout Trading Breakout traders expect S&R levels to fail. According to our previous explanation in the previous article, Support is a […]