How to utilize investing skills for trading and vice versa?

Investing and trading have many common and similar aspects. One of the most important aspects is that they both belong to the financial world and in this article, we are going to discuss how investing skills can be used to your advantage in trading. The differences Some time ago we wrote an article on investing […]

Do you want to keep track of the fundamentals? Try the FTMO News Indicator free for MetaTrader

Do you want to know when important data on inflation, interest rates, gross domestic product, or unemployment will be published? Is technical analysis your primary source of input, but you don’t want to neglect the influence of fundamentals? The FTMO News Indicator is here for you, and you will no longer miss important macro data. […]

Don’t get caught in the trap

Perhaps you have experienced this before. You’re about to enter a position in a market that has just broken through a support or resistance level because you feel you have a good signal. However, shortly after entering the market, you realise that it was only a short-term move and your trade ends in a loss. […]

Technical analysis – what does Accumulation/Distribution tell you?

Trading volumes, together with price action, are one of the basic sources of information that traders can use when trading the financial markets. Another indicator that we would like to discuss in our series, that takes into account trading volumes in the markets, is called Accumulation/Distribution. Although price action is the main source of information […]

How to develop a scalping strategy

Scalping is a trading strategy that involves buying or selling securities with the aim of profiting from small price movements in a short amount of time. This strategy requires traders to make multiple trades throughout the day, taking advantage of small price fluctuations in the market. While scalping can be profitable, it is also risky […]