Sunday Market Review 7/10/2018

Hello Traders and welcome back to this week's Sunday Market Review. This week we have a price action analysis on:

  • CAD/CHF - Daily
  • EUR/JPY - Daily
  • GBP/USD - Hourly - 15 M

CAD/CHF - Daily

Here on the CAD/CHF, we have a breakout of a falling wedge. We have 2 tests on the lower trendline and 2 tests on the upper trendline which form this pattern. This is a bullish breakout on the daily chart. At the moment, price is consolidating below a minor resistance level. In my opinion, price is overbought and requires time to correct itself before entering. Waiting for a bullish confirmation on the lower timeframes is advisable.

EUR/JPY - Daily

On the EUR/JPY we have a textbook double bottom. This is a bullish pattern. You can identify this pattern by observing 2 equal leveled bottoms followed by a break of a neckline as shown in the chart. After the breakout, price retraced back into the neckline area. Going long here at the retest is certainly an option with a SL below the recent low.

GBP/USD - Hourly

Alright, this is also a falling wedge pattern on the GBP/USD, however instead of a trend continuation like in our first chart, we have a trend reversal here. The pattern is contained by 2 converging trendlines with highs and lows indicated by the arrows. After the breakout, my bias for direction is to go long on the lower timeframes.

GBP/USD - 15 M

Moving to a lower timeframe on the GBP/USD, we see another bullish pattern. This is a descending triangle. Many Traders correlate descending triangles with bearish patterns. However, in this case, a break of the trendline to the upside also provides bullish momentum.

Note that we have a bullish breakout on the higher timeframe on the GBP/USD and a bullish breakout on the lower timeframe as well. This confluence I call Momentum Alignment and it is a powerful tool to find high probability setups, by using the momentum of multiple timeframes in your favor.

This is it for this week's Market Sunday Review.

I hope you've enjoyed it and I wish you wonderful trades in this upcoming week.

Khac Tu Nguyen, FTMO Support