Scaling Plan

Obtaining an FTMO Account does not mean that cooperation between the trader and our project will not develop any further. Quite the contrary, on this page, you will see what the increments principles are. A higher account balance provides the trader with the opportunity to scale up the positions accordingly, while not taking higher risks. Remember, our project has the same goal as you. However, it needs to be understood that traders might face periods when they don’t earn any profits. In general, trading is a risky endeavour and FTMO does not promise high returns. An FTMO Account is a fully simulated demo account with real market quotes from liquidity providers. We copy the trades at our own discretion using aggregated orders thanks to our proprietary risk management algorithm. This solution is much administratively easier and gives our company the freedom to actively manage risk in certain markets.

Trading Objective

  • Maximum Daily Loss
  • Minimum Equity


  • 5% of the initial balance
  • 10% of the initial balance

Scaling Plan highlights

  • Upgraded Profit Split of up to 90%
  • Conservative and safe profit eligibility requirement
  • A very generous scale-up cap of $2M per trader
  • Continuous increments if eligibility criteria are met
  • Trading Objectives remain static
  • Eligibility automatically checked with each Profit Split

Capital increments on the FTMO Account take place in four-month cycles. For a capital increase, the trader has to generate at least 10% of net profit in four consecutive monthly cycles (i.e., the average of at least 2.5% net profit per month in normal account type). At the same time, the trader has to process at least 2 payouts within the 4 months period. It is important that the trader’s account balance needs to be above the initial account balance (in profit) at the time of scale-up.

The eligibility is automatically evaluated and a breakdown of the progress and requirements are shown to our FTMO Traders with each Profit Split. If you meet the requirements, you can just confirm you wish to have your account scaled-up during the processing of your Payout and we will automatically assign a scaled-up FTMO Account to you for your subsequent trading period. 

Along with that, the basis for the calculation of loss limits will change accordingly and the calculation of loss limits does not change (it remains 5% Max Daily Loss/10% Max Loss of the initial account balance after scale-up). After another 4 months, if the trader satisfies the account growth conditions, along with the 2 payouts being processed, they will gain the eligibility of further increase of the demo capital by 25% of the initial account balance of the FTMO Account. Increments of demo capital have a ceiling of $2M per trader.

FTMO Traders being on the scale-up plan have their Profit Split ratio upgraded to 90%. The benefit of increased Profit Split applies to newly scaled-up accounts, not newly merged accounts into accounts that are already scaled-up. If you wish to merge a non-scaled-up account with a scaled-up account, the Profit Split ratio will change to 80%.

The following table demonstrates a scenario of the account balance and risk parameters development on the FTMO Account in case the trader successfully passed the Evaluation Process with 400k USD initial account balance and fulfils the conditions for capital increments:

How to grow your trading account

Elapsed Time Initial Balance Maximum Daily Loss Maximum Loss
0 months $400,000 $20,000 $40,000
4 months $500,000 $25,000 $50,000
8 months $600,000 $30,000 $60,000
12 months $700,000 $35,000 $70,000
16 months $800,000 $40,000 $80,000

As you can see in the table above, in the best possible scenario, already after a year and a third, the trader will have at his/her FTMO Account twice the balance and twice the loss limits (this applies to any starting balance). We believe that this Scaling Plan will encourage traders to trade consistently while not taking unnecessary risks and treat the FTMO Account with longevity in mind. Please note high returns are not guaranteed and trading, in general, is a risky business.

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