Price Action trader Tajocha – The Trading Objectives are key to being a professional trader. 

Be inspired by another brief interview with our latest funded FTMO trader - Mr. Tajocha from the Netherlands. He failed his Challenge twice, before finally mastering it and became the FTMO funded trader. He adds: "It's all a game of psychology and discipline is mandatory!" We couldn't agree more. 


Trader Tajocha

Something about me:

First of all, I have a background in Biomolecular Sciences. It was until I started doing research with a Pharmaceutical company here in the Netherlands, that I realized the power of the financial market. This company is a listed company worth millions of euros. Despite my enormous background in sciences, I was living paycheck to paycheck, I could barely make ends meet. Meanwhile, in the same company, I came to know people who were far more junior in terms of qualification and experience than myself but had invested in the stock market and real estate. They were worth hundreds of thousands, if not millions. So, I needed financial independence. This prompted me to think out of the box. I made personal inquiries and some research, and I was convinced that FX was the way for me to go.


How do I trade?

I am a PA trader, focused on price reversals.


What did I do well?

The Trading Objectives set for the Challenge/Verification are key to being a professional trader. I was introduced to FTMO trader funding through one of my favorite mentors. Despite my good trading strategy, I failed the Challenge twice because of over-trading. It was until I paid close attention to my risk appetite that I passed my 3rd Challenge and the subsequent Verification. It's all a game of psychology!

What to improve?

Since psychology is an inevitable part of this business, the best way I plan to get rid of it is by developing an EA that will implement all my manual strategies. For this reason, I have decided to pursue a Mql4 programming course.

What did I get from the Challenge?

The Challenge helped shape my trading skills. I learned from the Challenge that a trading strategy alone is not sufficient to be successful in trading - discipline is mandatory.

Would you recommend the Challenge to other traders and why?

Oh yes! I belong to a Telegram group, where we all strive to become better and profitable traders. There we support each other and share ideas. Some members in the group are already trading with FTMO, while others are doing their final touches to one day see themselves funded by FTMO.