Payments for our FTMO Traders

Dear traders,

We are very happy and grateful for your loyalty even in the difficult period associated with Covid-19 pandemic.

Certainly, you all know very well that the current situation has an impact on all traded assets.

Coincidentally, these days are very good for most experienced traders, because the increased volatility brings with it a large number of opportunities that experienced traders can take advantage of.

We are super excited to welcome more and more new FTMO Traders every week.

There have been a lot of new traders lately and this makes us incredibly happy.

We are glad that you are satisfied with FTMO services and we keep receiving positive feedback from you.

Although the new record for a single payout (being over $ 40,000) has not been broken this time around, the average results are outstanding for this month only and we are happy to send money to all continents.

Remember how important it is to follow proper risk management, especially during the times of such volatility in the markets. The situations we see every day are often unusual and no one can know what will happen next.

One great example is the recently traded Crude Oil at negative values. You can find the whole situation explained here.

We wish all our traders the best of luck and we hope to welcome no less new FTMO Traders next month as they are currently demonstrating their trading skills in the Challenge or Verification.