What is an operation? What types of operations are there? What operations can we use in the code? How come the operation X = X + 2 is ok? To most of you, this article should be rather relaxing. We need to clarify what operations we can use in the MQL code and how. We […]

Array variables

What is an array variable? How to index its value? How are its declaration and initialisation different from the normal variables? How do you find a specific value from a set of values? Why such variables exist and how will they make my work easier? As we said last time, we need to allocate a […]


What is a variable and what does it do in the program? How do I create a variable? How do I assign it a value? Into what types of variables can they be divided? Work with variables is absolutely unavoidable in any program. A variable acts as the holder of a certain value we assign […]

Data Types

Why is it important to distinguish data according to their type? What data types are there and what are they good for? How a computer works with data? Every program has to process certain data. However, not all data are mutually intelligible. We will be using numbers, texts, often times also colours or enumerations, and […]

Structure of the Programme

What are the parts of the program? Do these parts vary according to program type? Why is it important to divide codes into logical parts? How does the program control move among program parts? Each program can be divided into several logical parts. Their number and use depend on the type and purpose of the […]