Harminder P. is our new funded Trader from India who achieved 100% positive days in his Verification

Read our next short feedback from our trader Harminder P. He is one of our very good traders from India and we are very excited to welcome Harminder among our funded FTMO traders. His Verification account balance is almost too good to be true, but that's exactly what we like to see 🙂 We wish Harminder to trade is the same fashion in his funded FTMO account as well. 


Tell us something about you. How did you start trading?

I was always fascinated by the stock market. When I was in a school I used to ask a lot of questions about the stock markets and never got satisfactory answers from anybody. So when I was in college I started reading books about the stock markets and I must have read hundreds of books on financial markets. After my graduation, I started trading and read many books and watched any and every video I found relevant to the financial markets.

Can you briefly describe your trading strategy?

I am a discretionary Price Action trader. I analyze the pair I am trading on daily and hourly charts but trade it on the lower timeframes. I use moving averages, support and resistance levels, Fibonacci ratios on the charts for entry and exit for my trade.


What did you do well?

I would say Challenge and Verification were really a good experience for me. I think the Challenge part is a bit harder to pass because you are under time pressure to perform and achieve your target objectives.

What do you need to improve?

I think FTMO guys are doing a pretty good job but there is always a room for the improvements, especially making sure that the trading platform is running smoothly.

Was the Challenge helpful?

I would say Challenge was definitely helpful for my trading especially making me more disciplined and to patiently wait for the right opportunities to pull the trigger.

Would you recommend Challenge to other traders?

I would definitely recommend the Challenge to other traders who are interested to become professional traders and get funded.